Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Uniform

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Blouse-Target  ::  Skirt-Forever 21  ::  Belt-secondhand  ::  Boots-TJMaxx  ::  Scarf-from Pink (coincidence?)  ::  Jacket-gift from Korea

What's Lovely for October 21, 2010:
OMIGOD THIS SONG. I saw this musical tonight and must I say-- never have I enjoyed a musical that puts a little bits of chauvinism, stereotyping and pink more than this. No really, it won me over with this infectious song. I honestly think it's a disease that's burrowing a heart-shaped hole into my brain. But it's fine because TOTAL MAD PROPS I LOVE YOU GUYS. *squeals*

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Omigod you guys caffeine makes me go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Exhibits A and B of how I never drink coffee or caffeine; yet here I am, gulping away at pumpkin lattes. This may be serious.
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Today's outfit just seemed to scream "misfit girl who's just 'misunderstood,' she reads Kafka for fun and likes to fall in love with boys who have OCD" to me. Just one of those days, y'know?
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It seems that the final remnants of Indian summer have been squeezed, pressed and furiously rubbed out. In its place lies the chilly fall hiding underneath. Which means that it's both a) layering weather and b) chapped hands that resemble humanoid scales weather. Both are beautiful things to behold. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try to attend to this hole that's mysteriously formed on the side of my head. Omigod like I have no idea why.


MISSCOLA Vintage said...

love your style and your hair ;)

Karen said...

Great outfit and I love love love your hair!!


plentyforpennies said...

Love the parka!

Elizabeth said...

you just described my life. well, the kafka and falling in love with OCD boys.

Sanny said...

You nailed the short hair! I find it a very tricky hair style! Anyway, the pattern of your shirt matches the scenery! Pretty!

Have a lovely weekend! (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

Kate said...

you are the cutest peach I've ever seen. Adorable blog.

Jen said...

haha you're hilarious. i love this fall outfit though, especially the floral blouse. it just screams autumn! :)

Kate Maggie said...

Share some of your caffeine with me! I could use a little bit of going "ahhhh" in my life! I am going nuts this week, hehe. you look gorgeous girl. I love this shirt on you! With the unexpected green belt..looks so good! x

menina elegante said...

I like all the color contrasts between the shirt, the belt and the shorts! Super Stylish!


Brandi said...

You nailed the fall uniform -- especially the scarf. That's always an essential on my list. And boots! I haven't been boot shopping in years and I'm a little afraid to try. The ones I've bought in the past have either been too high or painful or gone out of style quickly. I actually have one pair that I've never worn.

Becca Jane said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!

I love the print on that blouse, perfect for fall!

paigewinter said...

funny- i never liked coffee til i had those damn pumpkin lattes either! love the skirt and blouse combo. the colors go surprisingly well together. great pictures!