Thursday, October 28, 2010

Calling Mr. Stewart, need my sanity restored

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What's Lovely for October 28, 2010:  It's not every day you can pet your clothing (though it's quite easy to put clothing on your pet

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Top- Goodwill  ::  Skirt- Aeropostale survivor  ::  Tights- We Love Colors  ::  Jacket- gift from incredibly generous friend  ::  Belt- Thailand  ::  Shoes- Old Navy

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And I'm back! Sort of. I'm sorta late in the week, just like I've been late in everything else this week. Though it's been oddly quiet on this blog, I've been having a grueling week that's left me nervous, exasperated, anxious, tired, embarrassed and ashamed. Funny how I'm saying this in an outfit post where I'm wearing nothing but bright pink fuzzies and frilly black, right? The irony isn't lost on me.

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I hope that I haven't been too much of a downer-- on one hand, "dammit, it's my blog!" But on the other hand, I never try to be too heavy at the Toast. I hate to admit this, but I've felt stressed when people would ask in passing "hey, how are you doing?" It's almost a burden to answer; I'm tempted to be blunt and go "oh y'know, feeling really tired and bad this week." But no one likes TMI emotional baggage. Plus, that's not even entirely truthful. I haven't exactly been weeping or huddled in a corner this entire week (contrary to popular belief). I'm odd in that I can be feeling terrible, then I'd hear a dumb joke or see a stupid Youtube video and laugh. I mean, belly-flopping Corgis, that's priceless!

It'll be a lie if I said that I haven't watched this video at least five times already. Belly-flopping Corgis cure many ailments. 

However, I must thank y'all for the nice words and things on my last post. Though I took a hiatus off of blogging, I clearly couldn't keep myself away from blogs themselves. I'd like to give the whole blogosphere a hug, if it'll let me.

On the other upside: who's psyched for Halloween like I am? And who's psyched for the rallies to restore sanity and to keep fear alive? If you're going to the Stewart/Colbert rallies in DC, let me know! I'm so jealous and I'm voracious to know what you're planning! 

Next up: I answer your questions! 


paigewinter said...

I feel like every student has been experiencing some level of crisis these weeks- but whenever someone tells me theyre in the same boat I just want to throw things at them. I dont want empathy, I want sympathy! ...haha. Glad youre back from a hiatus, I am as well.
It's pretty cool to see some pink- I feel like thats a very ignored color in the blog world.

Kate said...

cute cute outfit. Kind of reminds me of Valentines Day <3

Anonymous said...

the jacket is gorgeous!!

Samantha said...

I love fluffy clothing! :)

Cammila said...

I LOVE petable wearables! And it looks perfect on you.

Thanks for the well wishes when I was sick! Glad you're out of the fetal position! ;)

Alice said...

Love the Photos above. What a cute pink jacket. Looks so comfy! Lovely Blog you have here and I follow you now. Follow me back? xx, Alice :)

minnja said...

Looooooove it:))))))))


Brandi said...

I know several people who got to go to the rally -- I'm so jealous too! It must have been so much fun to be part of that.

And I have to ask you: where's your favorite place to shop? I love that you get clothing from such a variety of places. I've tried shopping at Goodwill or vintage stores but I simply don't seem to have the patience.

Happy Halloween!! Hope you're doing something wonderful today!

Emma said...

You look too cool. Seriously, I love it! That jacket with the animal print lining is brilliant. x

Mel said...

Haha cute! I love the mix of pink fur and black lace :) Did you dress up for Halloween?

Kamila said...

Ah I loved looking at your photos

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

gives you a hug back! sorry i'm a little late on this post--i love the furry jacket. it's so cold here today that i wish i had a jacket like that--seems like it would be hugging you all day :)

Roadrunner said...

I know how you feel, I've had a seriously tough week too. Love the furry jacket! ♥

T. said...

I really like this look and your blog and your style in general! Going to follow you.