Monday, September 13, 2010

Kick back, relax with me

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What's Lovely for Friday, September 10, 2010:  Watching Scott Pilgrim for the second time is just as sweetly awesome, but not as awesomely sweet as receiving a certain surprise package that's really not your average ordinary

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What's Lovely for Saturday, September 11, 2010:  Taking a quiet moment to remember where you were when it happened  (I still cannot believe that was nine years ago. Seeing the picture still makes me want to clutch my chest and cry.)

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What's Lovely for Sunday, September 12, 2010:  Gorging on not one.... two..... but about four homemade brownies, courtesy of my boss. (Fun fact, I'm a glutton for brownies. I want a brownie cake for my birthday. Or a brownie pie, if that's possible.)

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[Friday's outfit] Tank- Juniper  ::  Shirt- Gap  ::  Skirt- thrifted  ::  Belt- from Thailand  ::  Flats- Old Navy

Where did the weekend go? And why does Sunday night come much too early (especially now that Daylight Savings is drawing near)? 

I love my busy life, but sometimes I wish I can just sit down at my leisure and blog. And by that, I mean, talk to all of you (yes, YOU) on your blogs. Won't you take time to sit with me and hang out here so I'm not so lonely?

I'd entice you with brownies, but I ate them all. Sorry.


Mel said...

Cute skirt, I love how the red tank top peeks out in the back! I love where you snapped your outfit photos too!

Lindsey N. said...

I love the surprise of the red tank in the back. It's so unexpected! You are just adorable. I'll take a moment to sit with you! :)

lindsey soup

KVG said...

Love your outfit, the belt and the skirt! I definitely took a moment or two just wondering and mourning and thinking about that day...however, I was not so lucky to eat 4 brownies...I envy you!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i love brownies but your blog is amazing, i'd gladly hang out with you for free. :D

love the plaid skirt and the pop of color on your top!

♥ vanilla ice cream | POLKA DRESS giveway this way! ♥

Collette Osuna said...

CUTE the added color of the red tank!!!

Statements in Fashion

samantha. said...

love the low back and the red racerback! and your cute hair!


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I absolutely love this outfit on you! The skirt looks great belted with that top, good job!

amanda lynn? said...

i love all these photos, especially that first one. the effect is really interesting. oh and of course i love the outfit as well =] that skirt is so cute!

hiven said...


Brandi said...

The outfit is just adorable! It's okay you were a glutton with those brownies...I would have probably done the same.

Niki said...

I recently made a chocolate fudge brownie in the shape of a pony. It was huge. I had to share it at work or I would have had a heart attack.

You look awesome as always x