Thursday, September 9, 2010

Polka Dotty all over the place

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What's Lovely for September 8, 2010: Boys in blazers (amirite? what about you, what's your personal weakness?)  

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Yipe, me bloomers are showin', pardon me.
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Yipe, me dead face is showin', excuse me, everyone.
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Two things made obvious from these photos: I need to work on my photo-face and knees are always really weird-looking. 

Blouse- thrifted H&M from NY  ::  Scarf- Express  ::  Skirt & Flats- from Thailand 

To start off, I need to say that I feel a little off-kilter. Not necessarily that I'm in a bad place or anything-- on the contrary, today was a tiring yet enjoyable day. But at the same time, there seems to be things either missing or inadequately fulfilled that are scattered around my brain and schedule... like the fact that I've had this nagging feeling that I haven't dressed in a way that's been "fashionably satisfying" to me in awhile. Have you ever gotten that feeling? where whatever you put on just isn't clinching it for you? It's slightly intimidating (that's probably all in my mind), especially when I'm up against all these creative outfits in the blogosphere. But the benefit of having a blog is that I get to see everyone's else fashion that both intimidate and inspire me. I'd like to think that this is clearly a sign that I need to go clothes shopping, but my wallet is already silently sobbing in protest. And a weeping wallet is a very creepy thing, I'd rather avoid it (it's currently stuffed in my backpack). 

Other than that, I'm behind on well.... blogging itself. Not only have I been sartorially uninspired, but weekdays have been zapping the energy out of me, much like Superman with his Kryptonite. Only Superman didn't have to worry about upkeeping a fashion blog-- and frankly, I'm glad he didn't. He had, what, only one outfit with a huge honkin' S on it? I'm all for being economical, but come on, Superman.*

I also desire a haircut. I was looking back at my calendar and couldn't believe that it really had been a month ago since it was cut-- this was before I went to New York. I felt like this was all a few days ago! Oh, how elderly I must seem. Especially in my outfit today-- I felt a little bit grannyish in it today, but I think it was mainly the shawl. General consensus? 

*Clearly, take a leaf from Lois Lane's notebook, though she has that annoying habit of being in dire peril. 


Collette Osuna said...

I think you look fantastic...I LOVE polka dots, they just have a way of making you smile, dont they? Its ok about the bloomers, I have a few shots where the wind got the best of me too, lol...have a great night!

Statements in Fashion

Lindsey N. said...

I love this outfit-it's so distinctly feminine, but you make it so modern at the same time. Also a HUGE fan of the mixing polka dots-how fun! I do need to go clothes shopping, but my wallet is far beyond weeping-it's on to full-out sobbing.

Lindsey Soup

Melai said...

Cute dainty outfit :) I really like your black pleated skirt :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hi there, I'm a new follower over here from Chictopia and love your style:). I know exactly what you mean about feeling style-stuck. I thought I needed more clothes etc but with no budget and bulging closets, decided to go the other way and impose a shopping ban! So each day I post an outfit pic of existing closet items and I am on a roll! I have come up with outfits that have surprised and delighted me - it's a hell of lot of fun:) xo

Krissy ♥ said...

Big thumbs up for lots and lots of polka dots! :D

zahira said...

what a romantic outfit :)

Sarah said...

Your outfit is utter perfection. So vintage with a touch of modern. I seriously love every piece of this outfit.

Jenni said...

Looooooove this outfit. Completely perfect.