Monday, August 9, 2010

Hodge Podge, Schmodge Podge

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I always feel guilty when I'm behind on my What's Lovelies. Let's amend that in a backwards manner, shall we?

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What's Lovely for today, August 9, 2010: Seeing some weirdos at the corner of your eye, only to realize that they're your friends

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What's Lovely for Sunday, August 8, 2010: Finally satisfying that genuine Mexican rice and beans and tacos craving you've had like a pregnant woman would

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What's Lovely for Saturday, August 7, 2010: Wonderfully drastically short haircut and the discovery of amazing foundation (even though it's my first time trying this new Clinique foundation, I'm currently loving it-- if you have problem with oily skin and redness like I do, I'd recommend this)
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What's Lovely for this past Tuesday, August 3, 2010: Particularly heavy and dense humidity, the kind that makes breathing something like drinking through a straw, but it leaves traces of mysterious fog hovering over plains and reminds you of hot Thai nights (click to see slightly bigger size)

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What's Lovely for August 2, 2010: Having your backyard invaded by a neighborhood kitty

What's Lovely for August 1, 2010: Blasting Cher, Mika and various musicals at top notch volume while driving down the road (but seriously though, I can't stop listening to this song on repeat and I think I fall more and more in love with Mika and his GAHHHAMAZINGness)

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What's Lovely for July 31, 2010: Experiencing Bloomington in all its brightly colored walls, delicious pizza and cobblestoned roads

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What's Lovely for July 30, 2010: Getting to try on devastatingly expensive Burberry coats that I hope to steal/own one day... ONE DAY

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What's Lovely for July 29, 2010: Delighting in the harebrained antics of a professor, heiress and a leopard *

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What's Lovely for July 28, 2010: The clinking sound of bangles on your arm

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What's Lovely for July 27, 2010: Falling in love with the eyes of Peter O'Toole and that other famous Hepburn *

* Both screenshots taken by me, no copyright whatsoever.


Emily Kennedy said...

I LOVE your new haircut. You look amazing in it. Also, the picture with the bangles is superb. These were delicious lovelies.

erin :) said...

Omgosh. This post is so wonderful is so many ways. I will always have a strange crush on Mr. O'Toole. And thanks for sharing the Mika vid! I'm always into new music. Btw, I had that Flight Against the Concords song from your last post stuck in my head all day. xD Your friends look so fun too! That sounds like a fun day, just trying on expensive clothes with friends! On my to do list now! The employees there must've been like "-_-" Haha. And I love your hair! It's lookin gooood. :]

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Your new hair cut is the cat's pjs! I love it! I hope someday you own one of those Burberry trenches because it looks fab on you!

Poppy said...

Your hair is primo, I love it! And I've had that clinique make up recommended to me a few times now (my skin hasn't realised I'm no longer a teenager and teenage skin is not appropriate upon my face any longer) and I'm really gonna have to get round to buying some. It's so expensive though and I just can't afford it right now. =[ And the women in the shop that sells it, know I can't too!

And I'm glad you appreciated the 3 references in one post. I do try. ^_^

ellevictoire said...

you have a great look - i especially love your hair cut and that close up photo :)

btw I might try that clinique acne cream! i've never seen it before but i'll look it up.

indigotangerine said...

You did it! You went short! I'm so proud of ma girl! My hair feels dangerously long at a bob right now, we'll see how long i can last before i take the scissors to it. AH MIKA. AH KITTY. AH ALL THESE LOVELY THINGS. AH. Ah. ah.

indigotangerine said...

also also also.
I wish wish wish i could east coast meet up with you. But right now I'm actually down south in virginia (with my parents so no detours :(
I am going up north next weekend to CT and RI which is only a FEW hours from new york but I don't know what weekend you were referring too...

Lemondrop Marie said...

Oh... Burberry. Love the cat and coats. And thanks for the foundation tip.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Indie.Tea said...

You look lovely (I like your hair, so chic)...and your 'invader' is so cute...and both Hepburns are great but I personally like the first one.

libys11 said...

u look amazing in your new hair!! gives you more character.. :) and oohh.. i WAnt to try that clinique foundation.. :)

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Polina said...

Lovely hair and beautiful skirt! Reminds me of a fairy! :)