Monday, July 5, 2010

Living the Americone Dream

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Happy belated 4th of July to all the Americans (and non-Americans too, I hope you enjoyed the boisterous hullabaloo, too!)!! How did you celebrate yours? I usually never know what to do on that day because I don't really have a big family, so there's no big BBQ while singing 4th of July carols around the fire or something. However, I did eat terrible greasy food (a Happy Meal, to be exact), scarf down ice cream and watch fireworks. Pretty patriotic, huh?

(The Thai Jewelry giveaway is going on until July 11, so you can still get your entry in!)

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I'm sure we CAN be graceful and whatnot... but our main concern was not to fall into the pool...

What's Lovely for Saturday, July 3, 2010: Having the worst pool photoshoot ever with dear Meeshell after gorging on hot dots and corn (aka good ol' Americana)
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On Michelle:: Dress- Charlotte Russe
On me:: Romper & bow- Thailand

What's Lovely for Sunday, July 4, 2010: What's more American than eating eating Americone Dream on America's supposed birthday?
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I'd like to think that my hero, Stephen Colbert, would be proud.
Shirt- Zara secondhand : Shorts- Thailand : Belt- Goodwill
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I didn't really have the "white" in my red, white and blue-- then I remembered my dog is roughly that color. Hail America!

What's Lovely for today, July 5, 2010: Shopping at the mall when you see things like a large mall cop on a Segway and two men holding hands-- both made me smile in totally different ways
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Tank & Flats- Old Navy : Shorts- Thailand : Cardigan- TJMaxx

And now.... marathonWhat'sLovelyahhhhhlet'sgo!

What's Lovely for Thursday, July 1, 2010: Fries and a long talk and walk with a group of friends

What's Lovely for Friday, July 2, 2010: Fries and a long talk and walk with one friend-- I'm real 'riginal.

Gee, that was a short marathon.


Lisa Grace said...

Cute outfits! I LOVE that romper you're wearing in the pool. So adorable.

Ali said...


Hehe, I love your second outfit. Go-go-flower-rangers. And the first is so patriotic, plus the ice cream makes it even more patriotic. I love it all. <3

Brandi said...

Your Fourth of July outfit is so perfectly patriotic and all-American.

And the ice cream...I want some now.

tess said...

I love the second outfit with all of its intermixing floral patterns

Americone Dream is amazing, yum!

Anna said...

I love the shorts in the last photo and your romper! You and your friend are so cute.

Mel said...

Happy 4th of July! I love your romper!

Ali said...

Yeah, okay, so I totally forgot to answer the 5 questions in my post. I forget lots of times. I WILL REMEMBER NEXT TIME /determined D<

Jennifer Fabulous said...

A perfect Fourth of July outfit! I adore your blue pants. They are so classy and look so comfy. :) I hope you had a great holiday weekend! xo

Jessica said...

all the looks are awesome :)
good shots!