Thursday, June 10, 2010

For the sake of the blog

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What's Lovely for June 10, 2010: Almost getting eaten alive by bugs and other questionable beings just for the sake of a few blog photos.

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Note to self: Learn how to pose for photos without having to lift up your arm like you're awkwardly asking a question.
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Curse you Rebecca, Indigo, and anyone else who takes their quaint blog photos in densely wooded areas. You gave me such blog-photo-envy that I decided to go on an "adventure" and march out to the nearest "woods" to recreate my own photos where I look all coy and fashionable against a tree. Mind you, I've been eying this area for awhile now; whenever I'd drive by, I'd always think "hmmm, I bet that would be a nice place to take blog photos." It's true, I scout for new photo locations like a sleazy Hollywood agent looks for reality TV show stars.

So instead of being the nice little wooded nook that I hoped it to be, the ground was soft with mulch and... whatever else I didn't really want to know about, and the population was dense with swarming insects and many, many unidentifiable plants. I never realized that bug spray should always be part of a daily outfit during the summertime, until now. I also despaired at not knowing what poison ivy looks like ("it's... shiny?"), and made fruitless wishes whenever I stood in the leafy parts to take pictures ("please don't be poison ivy, please don't be poison ivy, please").

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Run away, RUN AWAY from the treacherous insects and questionable plant life!!
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You might think I'm posing, but this is an interpretive gesture of "AHHHHHHH." ahem.

Tee & Shorts- secondhand : Scarf- Mom's? : Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell (yes, THESE are the ones, THE ONES)

PS: Another job interview question for y'all. I really appreciated the advice given to me on the last post, but I'm inclined to bother you, you and you again. I figure that I know the basic idea of how to dress professionally (i.e., not like a hussy), but since it's hot and muggy outside, I was wondering if I could show my bare legs if I wear a skirt that's on the long side of knee length. Or should I just stick with a pair of nice slacks? Wish me luck and false confidence, I certainly need it!


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

ha, i know! rebecca's nature pictures are always so idyllic, whereas if i lay down in the grass, i'd come up with poison oak and grassstains.
but for the record: these pictures are gorgeous and you look totally at home in the woods.

Elaine said...

I think you captured the natural environment around you pretty well! :) I'm in love with your JCs!!

As for the job interview... Good luck!!! I would go with skirts. Just because it seems so many women feel like they have to prove that they're tough and like men and wear slacks too often. Let's be women in the work place too!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Poppy said...

Rebecca's photos are always so gorgeous, I understand the curses haha. But your spot looks good too, even if it was mulchy underfoot. =[
Bare legs for your interview are fine as long as your skirt isn't as short as a belt! But you said it was knee length so yeah that sounds totally fine to me.

Samantha said...

Knee length or below the knee skirts are totally perfect for an interview :)

rebecca said...

The photos are worth the risk! Well, I think so ;)
And yeah, a skirt without tights will be fine, as long as it's a decent length.

Cáti said...

you look adorable :)

Oneechan said...

You are so adorably funny! ^^
Bugspray is a must!

Yes, you can wear a skirt. As long as it's not too short. Unless you future boss is a man.. Ahem.. xP

xx Sophie

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice style...

wanna exchange link and or follow me??

Jessica said...

It's amazing what we do for blog photos, isn't it?! Love your shoes!

Veren Lee said...

adorable! :)