Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Orange floral explosion

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I think I meant to be all "well HELLO there" with my face; instead, I came up with "duhhh duhhhh DUH duh duh"

What's Lovely for June 9, 2010: Purposely messing up Edith Piaf's classic "La Vie en Rose" with an out of tune accordion and voice equals into hilarious results

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With their hip glasses and alternative instruments, my friends are the raddest traveling band you ever did not see.
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I think this turned out to be a more successful "well HELLO there."
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You'd think that being in Thailand for three weeks would've made me significantly tanner. Nope. Nope. But this photo is lying, I swear I'm not that pale.
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Tee- Pitaya : Shorts- JJ Market @ Bangkok : Flats- Old Navy

Not much to say, since I'm so gosh dern tired. My persistent mood as of now is worry. Worried about time, worried about finding things; but mainly worried about my first job interview for sales representative that's the day after tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips?? I feel like a fish out of water with this kinda stuff, especially with something that's not in my field of expertise (whatever that is). I'd gladly welcome any advice, I'd be so grateful.

I'm almost inclined to go watch episodes of The Office for "research"...


Mel said...

I'm loving your colorful outfit! Love the shorts, the floral print is beautiful! Good luck on your interview!

Poppy said...

So jealous of your shorts! I wish my stumpy legs looked good in shorts, cos I keep seeing so many gorgeous pairs!
The only interview tip I could give you is to have a couple of questions ready. They generally always say, and do you have any questions for us? And it always looks better if you are aware of what they are about and can ask them a question rather than uhhhhhh no, I'm good! Haha.
good luck! =]

Poppy said...

Oh and thank you for the mention in your last post! ^_^ Heehee. x

Ali said...

Hey, at least your pictures don't make you look pink. >:| haha, but you're cute, I love your hello face behind the bush. That's a good time to say hello, behind a bush and all. I love your orange-ness!

A. said...

I love the use of different shades of orange! Makes me want to get a t-shirt for every colour of skirt I have. :P

A from A + B in the Sea

Samantha said...

Just be yourself, smile lots and act confident (even if you're not!). I love those shorts too - so cute! :)

Anna said...

Hehe I love The Office.
Nice shorts!