Sunday, May 30, 2010

Work those bitchy gams

alternative textWohp, almost having a Marilyn Monroe moment there. No, I didn't get into several affairs with several Kennedys. No, I didn't... just the dress, ok? The dress.

Dress-Market @ Hua Hin : Heels- borrowed from Pink's sister : Belt- MBK in Bangkok

What's Lovely for May 30, 2010: Remembering the weird mixture of nostalgia, euphoria, little bit of sadness, fear of change and a whole lot of relief that came with graduation. Maybe it'll be the same next time around, only with a lot more fear.

Apologies for the bright, glaring flash photo (don't glare at me for that, har har), but I wanted to share an outfit post that I thought was poignantly fitting. This was the first thing I bought in Thailand, and today (as my trip draws to a close) was the first time I wore it. Not only is the pleating gorgeous, but it makes walking hella fun (walk walk fashion baby). Though these shoes were murdering my feet, I think they were getting a little bit of Stockholm's syndrome, due to the fact that I kept on wearing them for the sake of "long legs." Yeesh.

Or in gay man speak: work those bitchy gams. Fierce. Chic. Yeah.

Is it weird that instead of the actual "Bad Romance" song, I had this tune stuck in my head for awhile? Even in parody, Gaga rules all.

Speeeeaking of music, this song makes me really want to work those gams up on the dance floor. My love affair with Janelle Monae and her epic (I use that definition aptly) videos continues.

Not only does Janelle mix this odd combination of music together, she's just fabulous down to a tee-- or rather, down to that formidable puff. THE PUFF.


Anna said...

The dress is gorgeous and I could see how those heels would kill! They are gorgeous though.

WendyB said...

I have Key of Awesome's Telephone parody stuck in my head: "P-p-p-p-p-product placement."

Mel said...

What a lovely dress, and the heels are stunning! They do look painful though :P

Ali said...

Those are indeed amazing shoes. So amazing that pain doesn't matter. ;D! Okay, maybe it does. But still, amazing!

&& hahaha at the parody. I laughed out loud.

Anna said...

Oh yes, me too! Cosmic Love is at the top of the list for Florence and The Machine for me.
I've been mildly obsessed with this song for awhile now and I really hope I don't get sick of it. The music video reinforced my love for this song :)
So happy to hear you love Cosmic Love too!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That dress is great--love it with the strappy shoes too. Very sassy!
P.S. A lot of blogging about blogging is going on right now, while I agree with some of what is being said I think we shouldn't blog about blogging...we should just blog! But there has been a bit of a community and when it hits growing pains and people start to change others start to freak out; part of being in community I suppose! And a number of bloggers have been outright attacking others (not cool). I do really enjoy the discussions down at Independent Fashion Bloggers. That's a good forum to talk about blogging. So yeah, "blogger education" week might go on for a short bit (although hopefully not at my blog!). Anyway, ramble, ramble... :)

A Stylish Mixture said...

I really like that first picture of you!

Samantha said...

You have amazing legs! Love the dress :)

Keiko Lynn said...

Love Janelle Monae. And holy crap, you have great legs!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dress!! You have some amazing legs there girl!!