Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nothin' but a Two-Face

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The first dip of the summer... in the kiddie pool. Hey, it's something.

What's Lovely for May 22, 2010: The instant relief you feel when you step in the pool after stepping on the hot-hot-hot ground (ahhhhh).

Uh, so remember when last time I said that I'd TOTALLY catch up on ALL my What's Lovelies and MAYBE some outfit posts? UHM. Something happened. I decided to stall that........ again.

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Light vs Dark, Jekyll vs Hyde, Smooth vs Crunchy PB, dualities have been there since the dawn of time.

Swimsuit- Macy's?

Woah, woah, hold up, wait! I WILL, really I truly will. What? OK fine, I'll let go of your leg. But I figured that I should at least be right on time with the present instead of constantly lagging behind. It's really a vicious cycle, so I hope to fill in the missing blanks when life is less hectic. Today was filled with swimming, splashing, showering, seeing the local Chatuchak (or JJ Market) for the first time, sweating, sweating then some more showering.

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I mainly took this because I wanted you to check out that bamf cowboy. Look at him, he doesn't give two flippin' horseradishes whatcha think.
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Mandatory picture of shoes. SHOES, GIRLS.
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This is only a small (and strangely dark) taste of what the JJ Market is. It was all closing right when we were walking around, I feel like I've only experienced a tenth of it!
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Patriotic for America or Thailand, you pick. Or any other country that has red, white and blue in it, for that matter. I only salute to the real captain, Cap'n Crunch.

Tank- Juniper : Shorts- bought at night bazaar at Hua Hin : Sandals- stolen from Pink, they're hers (ahem)


Jolie said...

Girl that is a smokin swimsuit on you! And (ahem) love Pink's shorts!

Ali said...

I like how three guys are looking at that wicked cowboy guy. They all must be in a secret jealous rage of some sort.

I love you shorts, they look very touchable. :D

tess said...

cute shorts

Emily Kennedy said...

I love Thai clouds. Such a cool design! And look at you rockin' your shiny Thai boxer shorts. He he! That's great!

Meggstatus said...

That kiddie pool is insanely amazing! And the street fair looks like so much fun. I'm sure there is a bunch of yummy food to be eaten there too.

indigotangerine said...

That kiddie pool is WAY TOO PRETTY. Also, girl! YOU look WAY TOO PRETTY in your swimsuit. I do not have the guts to put swimsuit pictures of me online. Your trip looks ICREDIBLE. I demand more photos!

Anna said...

I love the comic trip heels :P

Oneechan said...

Hawt! Awesome kiddie pool:)
I think you're saluting Norway ;D

xx Sophie