Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday was Busyday

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It's always awesome to have a companion with you to take pictures. Especially in a shady alleyway.

Happy Easter, everyone! And for those who don't celebrate Easter save for some good ol' egg hunting (I never really hunted for any eggs when I was little, I feel like I'm missing out! So I hope you had extra fun for me), then happy lazy Sunday! Like yesterday, I'm a day behind, but I'm sure to catch up by the beginning of this hectic week. Here's a glimpse of my yesterday in a series of photographs.

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Note: Most ridiculous shoes ever.
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Ahhh, the perfect spring floral skirt that can never be. I didn't end up buying this, much to my chagrin. We'll always have TJMaxx.
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Michelle in her natural environment, pulling down on her shirt while looking at assorted beverages.
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This was taken while people were walking by. OH THE HORROR.

Tee- Old Navy : Shirt- secondhand : Skirt- magic? : Tights- We Love Colors : Flats- Gap
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There's no higher testament to trampolining than a wet trampoline late at night. But that's when it's most fun, right
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Fun fact: It took us about 10 times to get this picture right, then about 6 more to mess it up. Oh, we fail
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Just keep swingin' just keep swingin' just keep swingin' swingin' swingin' (Korean style!)

How about y'all? How was your weekend?


Ali said...

Wet trampolines rock. As do ones covered in snow. Or if you put lots of pinecones on it and bounce and try to avoid them.. then you get attacked by them and your heart is racing and IT'S INTENSE.

Those are some rad interesting princess gem shoes. Hope you had a great Easter. :))!

MichelleF said...

Our friends are the most fun people ever. Also, I am awkwardly-shaped.

Tiny Quirks said...

haha, i love the trampoline shots

Allison said...

I know you were probably just wearing that tank while trying that skirt on but I'm LOVING the look of a stripe top with floral skirts! I have to try the look myself asap

Anna said...

These photos are so fun!

Oneechan said...

I laughed out loud at the picture with Michelle in her "natural enviroment"! So funny! And she looked like my sister.. :P

The skirt was adorable. Too bad you didn't buy it "/
I'm glad your weekend was so much fun!
I spent my weekend celebrating easter and my sister's pregnancy^^

xx Sophie

Emily Kennedy said...

Dude. Those shoes are truly ridiculous. This is what fun weekends are made of!

WendyB said...

I love those shoes!

A Stylish Mixture said...

Had a great weekend besides being sick): Happy late Easter and it looks like you had lots of fun!

Jessica said...

"This was taken while people were walking by. OH THE HORROR."

This made me giggle. My photos from today were take on the sidewalk RIGHT beside the road. I tried to pretend I didn't care...but I can't help but feel like a weirdo.

indigotangerine said...

Our neighbors moved out and left thier trampoline behind. Nobody moved in for over a year and we would always trespass into the empty lot for some trampolining. Except now new neighbors moved in AND THEY GOT RID OF IT.
:( :(:(:( :(