Thursday, April 8, 2010

R.I.P. Camera o' Mine


That's close to my initial reaction when I found out that my camera broke. And that I haven't updated my blog in what seems forever (note: three days). But can we get back to the camera breaking? My livelihood, murdered cruelly in an accidental fall?? Oh why, camera, why? We've been through so many good times together.

alternative text
Yes, that's me about four years ago. In a bathroom. With a camera. BUT IT'S NOT A MYSPACE SHOT, I SWEAR.

Also, I'd like to thank you all so much for your awesome comments, truly I smile every time I get one. :) (see? Emoticon smiley) However, my weekend shall be bogged down by work work stress and more work, so I'm warning that blogging may be scarce. Or at least there'll be little words. Which will probably be a relief for everyone.

Anyway, I'm going to present each post-What's Lovely with a clip/song arbitrarily attached.

What's Lovely for Wednesday April 7, 2010: Running into someone you haven't seen since high school, and they say "wow, you look really different from high school." I'm going to consider that a compliment, one of the very few bright spots of that awful day.

This. Is. My. Life. Story.

What's Lovely for Thursday April 8, 2010: Laughing at a joke that may not be that funny until your sides are sore-- even though you're mostly giggling because you're just that tired.

Kristin Chenoweth, you are a wooshing tornado of a delightful personality and diva-tastically wonderful voice all wrapped up in a tiny thing. LIKE WOAH.

What's Lovely for today April 9, 2010: Having class outside on the sunny grass. Seriously, I don't think that this happened since high school!

I've just been in a Vampire Weekend mood today, not to sound hipster-pretentious. But with this sun and well-- being on campus-- this song was just perfect for today. I did in fact, wear a keffiyah-style scarf and sleep on the balcony after class. Next thing you know I'm going to give a fuck about oxford comma.

Second Olive Snook post coming up soon, I really really hope! Happy (vampire, hawhaw) weekend, everybody! Have fun for me while I hole myself up in a basement somewhere.


Dhu said...

Ahah, that first video sums of my every morning. I love it.

Anna said...

Ohhh yeah VW and I loved that first video. That is hilarious! Kind of like me too :P

Ali said...

First video = pure love. Pure pure love. :) and I'm sorry to hear about your camera.. I hope you get a new one soon!! He will rest in peace. My camera was dropped the other day and he cracked open a little soo he's a little screwed up. D;

Lemondrop Marie said...

My husband made that first video without telling me?

Sorry about the camera, I need one too.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Veren Lee said...

love this blog! u're so adorableee :D

Emily Kennedy said...

Damn girl, get some sleep! Make it happen. Hide somewhere, say no to something, or many things, and just get some sleep. Heh.

Poppy said...

I'd actually cry if Steve (My camera) broke. So I totally feel your pain! Hope you can get a replacement soon, or hope that he miraculously comes back to life! =]

Aya Smith said...

Oh no, you're right! Mushy posts can be sickening... I wasn't even considering too much about that when I posted our anniversary post, but I'm glad you were able to handle it considering the subject matter :))

Thomas gets told he looks like John lennon all the time! It's pretty crazy, and when his hair is down we'll even have people ask him to take pictures with them! He even named his photography business Thom Lennon (photography) :)

Oh, and I've been wanting to see Pushing Dasies for so long.. thank you for sharing the video, I want to see it even more now, haha :P

Aya ( )

Meggstatus said...

I feel your pain. My camera broke awhile ago and I had to send it to the factory which took TWO WEEKS!!! I was having serious withdrawals from it. But you'll get through it.

MichelleF said...

Blue toilet!? Awesome!!!