Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alive Again! The original Snooki (part I)

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I can't lie: I almost didn't post today because I spun myself into a fine tizzy of a low, low, LOW mood. I'm usually a pretty chipper person who prefers a laugh over a frown, but sometimes I find myself in such a dark place that I just want to wallow in the worst way possible. And posting these beautifully flowery pictures would've been a lie.

But as it goes for me, time changes a lot of things, especially perspective. Perspective is key to keeping your head above the water, and I doggy-paddled in the most pathetic way to the surface. Trite metaphors aside, just as I can periodically go under, I can never stay there for long. Friends are just too funny sometimes.

So! Continuing on the original plan, here's the second week of the third installment of the Alive Again! wardrobe project, brought to you by Pushing Daisies. Whew. I really should've rethought the name for this thing.

This week's inspiration is:

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Olive Snook! Say hello, Olive! OK, don't say hello that snarky, we're not Chuck.

What I noticed about Olive's style is that despite her name, she doesn't always wear green. In fact, I'd say that she wears a lot of pinks and purples (even a little red) when she's not wearing her work uniform. She takes advantage of her figure with halter dresses and showin' alotta leg. Her make-up of pink lips and thin eyeliner is equally as feminine.

If not the carbon copy, I hoped that this outfit had an Olive feel to it. I mean, it couldn't be exactly the same down to the t. God knows that we're complete polar opposites when it comes to body shape. Note: Kristin Chenoweth has impressive boobage; I have less than impressive boobage. The woman is clearly more well versed in the art of heels as well.

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Please excuse the weird "I'm trying to be a model but it's sorely not working" face. I still don't know what to DO with my face in photos.
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Sometimes that red's on her head (ah-ha! rhyme).
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Never is Olive seen in anything lower than 3-inch heels, especially of the nude-colored variety. How she does it on a daily basis, I will never know.
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Bewb grab!
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Ever and always the graceful swan in floral. [All screencaps taken by me, no copyright, etc.]

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I have to admit: these pictures are a bit of a lie because I totally wimped out and changed into flats later in the day. Forget boot camp, how the hell can one survive in HEELS camp??

Jacket- Korea : Tank- Old Navy : Shirt- Gap : Skort- secondhand : Heels- Steve Madden via TJMaxx (new purchase from the weekend!) : Headband- Claire's?

What's Lovely for April 6, 2010: Remember yesterday when I talked about smelling spring flowers? Well today when I was walking around campus, I saw so many explosions and clusters of blooming flowers that I would gawk at each pretty tree I passed by. I wanted to reach up and bury myself in their sweetness until I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

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And what Olive Snook post would be complete without a song?

This is the song that helped me get through my dark mood, just as it did for Vivian. :) Oh how cheesy I am. If you want to help the cheese, listen to the whole song HERE.


Emily Kennedy said...

OK, this is an Olive post. That explains the hot hot heels. Damn girl. Your legs are long enough (do I say that every time I come here?); when you add nude heels they go to infinity!

(For wimps like me, the wedge is the happy medium between flats and heels.)

Ali said...

Awe you look so cute in heels! and I personally love your model-esque face. ;D I love the purply.

tastymoog said...

I think that actress is like, 5 foot nothing, which must be why she wears high heels all the time. As a fellow shorty, I can relate. :P

Elaine said...

I had a bad day yesterday too :( It was one of those days where nothing was going right and I wanted to cry about everything! At least you looked hot yesterday. And there were flowers!! Hope today is a better day for you, long legs! ;)

Enter to win a William Riera dress!

Clara said...

lovely pics
your blog is great!

Poppy said...

I know what you mean, sometimes I just want to feel sorry for myself but then you know you can't and you actually have to do something. I hope you're feeling better soon. =]
On the plus side I LOVE nude shoes! And the heels on yours are really cute. *Steals*

Anna said...

Kristin Chenoweth makes me laugh :P
She is such a beautiful singer!


Anonymous said...

niiiceee legss

btw i totally stalk your blog great clothes kid

stalk in the non creepy way

sicne this is hannah

Meggstatus said...


Cocò said...

You are so pretty and romantic! And I really love this kind of tree!!! You have got a really nice blog!
Now I'm a your follower ;D , I hope u'll follow me too on: www.daddysneatness.blogspot.com . See u soon! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Loving the shoes:)

X Factory Girl

rachelfabiano and kortneycooper said...

oh my gggg. i watch pushing daisies too. its soo GOOD.


Bug said...

Sorry to hear you were feeling down. We all get like that sometimes. Love your outfit and your inspiration is great.


indigotangerine said...

Olive! Sooooo funny. I love the bit when she goes to the covent and asks for the "porter" to take her bags and threatens to sue the "poor" for taking her stuff. Also the nude shoes look amazing on you. Can't wait till you get to Emerson

hannah said...

you did a good job of getting inspiration from her! +i love your nude heels. and yay spring flowers!

Delightfully Tacky said...

Haha! I love Olive! Too cute.

I really wouldn't advise anyone faint of heart (or afraid of cold weather) to come to Alaska between October and April, but the Summer is a must see! I love AK in the winter too, but by April I'm pretty much ready for the summertime!

Charlie said...

you´ve got the most gorgeous legs i´ve ever seen girl!

alicevr said...

Lovely outfit, so fresh! I'm waiting for spring here in Italy.


moochelo said...

ADORABLE :) love the first pictures soo much
like your whole outfit too

come check out my blog. (i'm really new so some comment would be nice ;) lol