Saturday, April 10, 2010

Alive Again! The Original Snooki (part II)

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No, don't fix your televisions, the color's intentionally this way. I had no idea why my outfit came out looking ultramarine blue rather than purple, so I fiddled with the colors so the photos looked "vintage." Strangely enough, the purple is truer in these manipulated versions.

What's Lovely for Saturday, April 10, 2010: Scoring two little vintage treasures at a garage sales. What's lovely in general is that while the weather's getting warmer, it's getting to be garage sale season.

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It's unfortunate that both of my Olive-inspired outfits were both purple. But what can I say, I'm short on cleavage-baring wrap dresses with fun patterns and cute waitress dresses, so I made do.

Thank God these photos were salvaged before the untimely fall of my camera. They're long overdue, these were taken this past Thursday (yipe!). So enough yappin', more pictures.

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This is a complete posed shot because a) I couldn't really smell that flower and b) I never look this sweet not sniffing a flower. Oh, how the lies are REVEALED.
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For lack of better judgment, I'm putting this completely unflattering photo of me online just 'cause the outfit and tree look nice. Oi.
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Again, can I even really smell that flower? Not really. Oh, and I don't have deformed ribbed legs, I'm wearing socks underneath.
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Dress- Xhilaration from Target via Goodwill : Tights- We Love Colors : Shoes- Gentle Souls via TJMaxx : Scarves- H&M and gift : Coat- Gap : Flower- Nature

The worst part about that picture right above is that Pink kept on telling me to skip-dee-lou back and forth, which I promptly did so while thinking she didn't get the picture, only to find out that she HAD awhile ago but just wanted to see me stupidly skip-dee-lou. That treacherous wench.

Emerson thinks that's funny too, that cad.

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Guess who's going to be the inspiration for this upcoming week? [Screencaps by me, Coypright not by me]

And now, ladies and gentlegerms, my best Olive impression!

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Thank God I didn't fall off. I didn't have a cushy carpet to fall on, only the cushy brick and stone. Potential owie.

What's Lovely for April 11, 2010: Eating homemade kimbab for dinner.

Yeah these are pretty, but I bet these aren't as good as Mom's recipe. Isn't it always like that? "No, MY mom's kimbab is better than YOUR mom's recipe." I'm sure everyone's like that.


Ali said...

My mom's mashed potatoes are better than YOURS. >:|| but she doesn't make sushi, so there you win. We're even.

I loove your purple tights, they make me smiles.

Ce qui m'inspire said...

I most definitely see Olive in this outfit! Ahh, this project is so fun! I have always loved Pushing Daisies, and I love the way you're translating the costumes into your wardrobe. I can't wait to see the rest of the characters!

Ce qui m'inspire

Anna said...

Seriously, I just love the colors you put together!
I left an award for you at my blog. Hope you don't mind doing it :)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I LOVE your tunic! Believe it or not, my friend just picked up the exact same one at the thrift store last week ;) xoxo

Denise said...

you have the most amazing photos. I love evry bit of it. Made me smile.

I love tunics. The most comfortable thing ever.

I am Denise Katipunera

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These photos are lovely. I love how you made some of them look "vintage." So cute! The dress is adorable and I love the tights you paired them with. :)

A Stylish Mixture said...

Nice outfits. PUSHING DAISIES! That show was one of my favorites and still is. I don't get why they had to cancel it. Emerson and Ned and everyone was so wonderful. Oh how much I cherish those days when it was still running.

Lemondrop Marie said...

You are a pretty fab skipper there... I can see why you'd be asked to do it again. Those blossoms are amazing.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Jessica said...

Love these photos. You always have the best tights!