Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Like having a conjoined twin, only more convenient

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His name is Lonny Lemon. No relation to Liz Lemon.

What's Lovely for April 14, 2010: Having a smiley face on your knee all day.
I was wearing a short skirt today, and I didn't realize that I had these two moles/freckles/? on my knee. Naturally, I had to complete the connect-the-dots.


Anonymous said...

HAHA That's funny! :)

Anna said...


WILDasaMINK said...

This is exactly why I keep coming back time and time again--because you do awesome things like creating Lonny Lemon on your knee! makes me laugh....can't wait for your life to get back to normal (after Friday as you say in the below posts) so we see more of your fun style-I always love your outfits by the way!

Elaine said...

Hahahah, that is so funny! And I liked your reference to 30 Rock :D

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aurora. said...

lol i do this too :')
human dot-to-dot

Lucy Marmalade said...

Awww, nice to meet you, Lonny! :)

I have four freckles in a weirdly straight line on my arm. It's not so exciting to connect them, but I can still marvel, no?