Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I can only do What's Lovely now.

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Sorry, this crappy picture doesn't quite do it justice.

What's Lovely for April 13, 2010: Chocolate yogurt slowly melting on a hot feels-like-summer afternoon.


Anna said...

Oh my, chocolate yogurt?! I have never tried that before. How interesting :P


fhen said...

ah chocolate yoghurt? sounds nice :)) especially in this hot weather

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Ali said...

When that appeared on my dashboard, I seriously though that was half a baby head. It was terrible. But now it's delicious.

Elaine said...

Sooo jealous :(:(:(

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Lynn said...

Looks yummy!
Just came across your blog, looks great!


Emily said...

I SO need chocolate right now. I missed your blog, hope all is well!!

Samantha said...


Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...


Pardon my Rachel Ray-ness, but great blog!
I'mma follow!

Aya Smith said...

oooooh... it looks so inviting and repulsive all at once, haha! It was so hot today here, my makeup felt like it was melting! O_O

Aya ♥ StrawberryKoi.blogspot.com

Adrienne said...

chocolate yogurt is a new thing for me but sounds delicious!
Is it odd that when I was glancing at this photo, I saw, instead of yogurt, a baby taking a bath in a white tub? :P