Friday, April 16, 2010

I love college randomness

What's Lovely for Thursday, April 15, 2010: Traversing the hallways and taking the elevator... all while on a rolling chair.

It was a very late night, the eve of the final project. We needed a break. The building was empty. Why not? I only regret not having a picture to share with y'all.

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What's Lovely for today, April 16, 2010: Who let the dog out?

Letting a cute dog loose in class for the sake of talking about shelters? I just about melted at the thing of cuteness wandering through the aisles, geez.

AND FRIDAY IS OVER, MY LIFE CAN RESUME. Oh wait, I still don't have a camera. Well, crap.

Oh, and I found this little golden nugget of a Youtube video. I love Infomania, especially Sergio and Brett... and well, anyone involved with Infomania for that matter. Their goal is to make this video viral. I mean, it's certainly random enough. Help make it happen.

Come on guys, it has feathers and urrthang. Though jammies would've been an improvement.


Ali said...

Bahahaha! I love that video. I smilededed. :) and random puppy wandering.. too cute!!

Anna said...

My goodness his laugh is funny :P
Have a nice weekend!

Lucy Marmalade said...

Heh! I love rolly chairs and late nights and all. I also love EMAILS. Ahem-hem-hem. ;)

Tiny Quirks said...

LMAO, i love that video!

Shelby said...

Im totally one of the those girls who points and exclaimes "Awwwww" everythime I see a dog. My boyfriend says I have no discression with dogs and that I think they are all cute, even when they are not. But, why be a hater?

Sonya said...

In my speech class last summer someone brought their dog in for their informative speech, it was too cute.