Friday, March 12, 2010

Sweetest little teacups

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What's Lovely for March 12, 2010: This restroom.

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And here I am, the weirdo taking pictures of it all. This would've been especially and uniquely awkward had someone barged in on me.

It's OFFICIALLY spring break for me. It was strange, it was like half of the campus was deserted-- and for good reason. At least this free Friday gave me time to just sit in a nice sandwich/coffee shop and sip the vanilla latte that in a stroke of brilliant ignorance, I had ordered forgetting its caffeine content. Which is consequently why I'm currently ji-ji-jittery and a little wonky.

It's a nice little spot; dare I say it, it's even a little quaint? It has this charming bathroom that I thoroughly exploited to share with all y'all (sorry for the weird coloring/lighting), and I sat at this low table that had a chalk surface--something that I also took advantage of.

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I actually haven't drawn in such a while, so it was a relief to know that I didn't forget what humans looked like.

Otherwise, I'm not feeling terribly inspired at the moment. Tonight is just a time for Momma to catch up on her stories. Oh NBC comedies, how I've missed you.

Community just may be one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. It consistently keeps me snorting like an idiot and the characters are lovable. Especially Abed. Oh Abed, I agree that you're utterly adorable. Please marry me.

Happy weekend, everyone! :)


aurora. said...

that restroom is so cute!
the tea cups are so quaint :L
also i love your little drawing on the table
i wish i could draw like that lol
cute blog :)


theyre too cute, i love florals on cookwares:)


Anna said...

AHHHH where on earth do people find these cute little cafes? It's so pretty.

Shelby said...

You are probably not the first person to take a picture of it given that it is so adorable!

Jessie77 said...

those cups on the wall are adorable!

My Delusional Mind

Sonya said...

The decoration is so cute! Our campus was completely empty too which is so strange to see, especially since there is always people walking around.

Brandi said...

Love the tea cup artwork!

_nina_malvada_ said...

nice photoshoot...

lovely blog :)

PinkBow said...

i'm so pleased you did take a picture, it's gorgeous.

Harriet said...

Oh wow, I want that bathroom in my house!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

so cute! and dare i say, a little alice in wonderland??

Meg said...

Gosh, what a beautiful restroom! I love it!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

that bathroom looks like it smells like cupcakes. i assume i'm being misled by its sweet looks. that's dangerous, it being a bathroom and all.

Lucy Marmalade said...

CUTEST bathroom, cutest girl! Nice chalk drawings, too.

Morgan. said...

Thats such an absolutely charming restroom!
Ive often seem cups used as decor, but having them further in frames is really interesting.
Thanks for posting it, its very inspiring
(im looking to a room redecoration).