Sunday, March 14, 2010

Boom de Yada, etc. etc. etc.

This weekend has been a test to my lethargy. And I don't want to be preemptive, but I think I passed with flying colors. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to show for my absence from blogging for the past two days. Instead, I'll try to distract you with LOUD NOISES and shiny things.

What's Lovely for March 13, 2010: Singing "Boom De Yada" with your friends in a rousing chorus over and over

I especially love it when someone's arm catches fire.

Some of my friends were over at my house this Saturday, and we had the instruments, voices and time to reenact "Boom De Yada." We even did the little blurb before the song; we did it so many times that it got twisted into something like this:

"It never gets old, huh?"


"It kinda makes you wanna... break into song?"


Then we would sing. It's a wonderful thing.

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What's Lovely for March 14, 2010: Painting your nails on Pi Day

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My favorite nail polish!

OK, juuust kidding. Though I did talk about my peeve with long nails before, I didn't mention that I have an ongoing love/obsession with white nail polish. But I use the real deal, not Wite-Out. Though I wonder if it will work just as well... hmmmm. Prolly not the greatest idea. I don't want my nails to fall off due to curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat's.... nails? Quick, help me go find a cat now.

But this time I wanted to mix it up and act in some black and red to spice things up. I tried to make it look like paint droplets, not like my nails have the case of the really colorful measles.

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I apologize for the really stark, wonky lighting. Fluorescent lighting is always flattering, isn't it .

I said on Pi Day, but I unfortunately did not get the opportunity to eat any real pie today. :( In my imagination I omnomnomed on some of my favorite, pecan pie... with the Piemaker himself. Hey, it's a fantasy, right? Leave me be with my figurative pie.

I also just found out that Discovery Channel updated its original "Boom De Yada" with a new one. I think I may even like this borderline better-- my favorite parts are at 0:33 and 0:47. And yours?

I'm only going to assume that the lemur itself was singing about its own eyes. Damn vain lemur, singin' about its own eyes.


Martwa Marta said...

i love your nails! you're so creative!

Lemondrop Marie said...

I do really like the nails- perhaps you should have made the dots match Pi just for an extra does of celebration? ;0)
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Anna said...

The World Is Just Awesome :)
I like them both a lot actually. Probably the best channel promoting advertisements EVER.
Nice nails!

the style crusader said...

haha, cute post. i remember putting white out on my nails in school and then peeling it off. great way to pass time. xx

Elaine said...

Wow!! i love your nailS!!! I am not too detail-oriented or patient enough to do that.. It looks realllly cool though! And I almost thought you used white-out.. hahahah!

Lucy Marmalade said...

Boom-de-yada! What a wonderful thing. I'm lovin' your Picasso nails!

Ce qui m'inspire said...

This is the boom-de-yada video that my university's current USC president used to get voted into office. I think it's pretty decent.

I wish I had eaten some pie on Pi day! But alas, I didn't have any. :(

indigotangerine said...

boom de ah da boom de ah da indeed. Slightly addicting. I think you need to caption your version on film. The few times we go on vacation to places with actual cable (gasp, we don't have cable) my dad and i bond over myth busters. We're pretty cool

indigotangerine said...

Also, an after thought comment because Pushing Daisies References always deserve a comment. Ned= love. I'm in the mood for some rewatching. I'm sick so if I don't end up making it to school tomorrow, you know what I'll be up to.