Monday, February 1, 2010

Thrice Makes Nice

You know what they say: random news comes in threes.

So just because I like some organization, this post will come right at you in three parts!

Is that a rock glowing, or are you just happy to ... oh, never mind.

1. What's Lovely for February 1, 2010: A little naughty look at Disney "princes."

OK OK hold up, let me explain. If there's one thing out of many tidbits that one should know about me, is that I heart Disney with all my heart. Despite a deep love for the characters, music, and animation, I occasionally like to tease. Hence, the (somewhat questionable) pictures I share with you now.

Now warning: these drawings are more than a little NSFW (ironically, my friend Natalie showed these to me while we were at work). Above I put the link to the blog post showcasing pictures of Disney "princes" had they chosen to drop their swords in favor of underwear. In fact, y'all should dally on over to the original artist's site, since he has the genuine talent worthy of Disney studios. Bless you, David Kawena, bless you and these interesting illustrations.

Source: Zumpf and the Blythe! Blythe! Blythe! pool @ flickr

2. What's Lovely for February 2, 2010
: Blythe! Blythe! Blythe!

Both a little creepy and a little entrancing, these vintage dolls have this eerie, childlike beauty to them. There's a whole pool of them at this Flickr slideshow-- you should go dive right into the weird magic.

alternative text
Can you come up with a suitable caption for this? I'm at a loss of words.

3. Remember those ramen noodles randomly thrown out in the snow that I mentioned a few days ago? Yeah, so I finally got a picture of them. They're still there, still inexplicably there.

and PS: I hope to receive my very first bona fide Modcloth dress in the mail tomorrow, if not soon. :) Exclamation points, I'm so excited!!


ryder said...

hottie, hihih my fave is pixar

Clara said...

amazing pics
great blog

MichelleF said...

Ahahaha, you posted my favourite of the Naughty Princes!

<3 you.

Shini said...

Baaahahah is that a rock glowing :P I LOVE DISNEY TOO GARRRRH one day I will burst out into a disney song in the middle of the street. Thanks for that deviantart link, he's soo good.

Bug said...

YAY!! I can't wait to see your ModCloth dres! I love this post. Hee, hee the prince pic is great. I love the Blithe dolls too. Ive never owned one, but I think they are so interesting.

kate maggie said...

This was a great post. Love those dolls and the noodles in the snow. excited to see your dress! :)