Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What say you? And you? and you?

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Wachoo lookin' at, bub. Oh me? Sorry. Right right, I know, I'm in the bathroom. The lighting was good.

I actually didn't think that I'd put up an outfit post today, but here I am! I actually am curious on what people's opinions on this outfit are. Which brings me to what I think is an interesting point.

Today in lecture, my professor said "Women don't dress for men, they dress for other women." And she's not the only one who agrees. It's sorta true, isn't it? I'd like to think that I dress for myself, but there really is at least a kernel of truth in there.

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This would've been a little more interesting and a lot more awkward had someone walked in on me taking pictures. "Oh... heyyy, what's up."
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Shirt- Old Navy : Tee- Pitaya via Indigo : Bermudas- Gap : Leggings- mystery? : Bomber- JouJou via TJMaxx : Scarf- Mom's : Booties- TJMaxx

I think that really loving and living fashion leads you to experimentation. Which could lead to potential disasters, but also great rewards-- but each one is a lesson, right? Today I wanted to try incorporating my summer bermudas into balmy 30-degree weather (no seriously, it feels like spring here... for now). I think I'll try tights next time instead of leggings, but enough blabbing: yea or nay? And if nay, any suggestions?

Anyway, here's some food porn (only the photo quality's nowhere near as drool-worthy as the real thing):

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Awwwwww yeah, take a look at that grilled eggplant sammich. Yous one sexy bitch, gooey brownie.

And a sneak peek at the dress that came today! eeeeeeee (goes to eeeee some more like an idiot) I'll probably wear it on Friday... sometime later this week!

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Also thanks to Modcloth, I came upon this amazing clip. No wait, it's actually ah-may-zeeng. I may have declared my "What's Lovely" for February 2 a bit too soon...

Never did I think that I would feel so inspired and swell with emotion worthy of a dramatic movie due to MGMT.


MichelleF said...


Meg said...

I think women dress way more for other women than for men. I like to think I dress mainly for myself though! I like your boots!

Robyn said...

I wouldn't say that I dress for women all the time. However, I almost never dress for men. Mostly for me I guess.

Anonymous said...

my cousin and I were just discussing this at dinner last night (okay, well not clothes, but hair). she said that one of her friends told her she wanted short hair but she kept it long because "guys like long hair better". 1st of all, since when have guys only liked long hair? And 2nd-ly, why the hell is she making decisions based on a guys opinion?

I think it's sad that lots of women give up personal style for the approval of men. Long story short, I love your outfit (especially the color of your tights against those to-die-for boots!) AND I wish I believed your prof's statement to be true, but sadly I think MOST women dress for men.

In the blogosphere, however, and for those who value personal style, I think what he said is true. whew! that was much longer than I expected.

Emily Kennedy said...

Neat topic! Thanks for the HuffPo link! This outfit is cute, but I agree, tights might be a better choice. I just like that you busted out with so much color!

Bubu said...


Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


Holly said...

looking cute!

zoee said...

Great outfit! And a very interesting topic, i'd also say that i dress lsightly for other people, wondering what they will think.
But i think thats why i created my blog, to teach myself that i can wear what i want, it's not down to other people to dictate...

Anonymous said...

the outfit looks great on you.
I think we dress for ourselves and for other women, not for men because they never notice anyway! haha

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Cute blog! This outfit is amazing. Those bright blue tights are just too adorable and really make this entire look light up! :)