Saturday, February 6, 2010

Merci, danke, 감사합니다, however you say it

What's Lovely for February 6, 2010
: A shout-out (hey!) from the dear Ms. Indigo

Can anyone believe it? I can't?! My little blog was mentioned amongst well-established bloggers who all have amazing photography and style skillz (with a z, mind you). Needless to say, this is my reaction:

In a less dramatic tone: thank you! :) I really need to up my ante, don't I?

In other news, I've been taking full advantage of this Saturday by being one of the most unproductive sloths you've ever seen. With this upcoming Olympics in Vancouver, I feel like that this laziness should be made into a sport. But what I lacked in productivity (I'll get to my projects in due time, dammit), I made up for youtubing inspiration.

I haven't blabbed about how I'm in love with the swingin' 60s quite enough, but I really do love the shift dresses, the colors, the rebellious style, the eye make-up, the music-- that's a good amount of blabbing, right? What about you: is there a particular decade that speaks to you?

The Bird and the Bee is one of my favorite bands, and they fit perfectly with the 60s kick that I've been having. Inara's voice is simple euphoria, light on the notes but not on style. Coupled with Greg's music, they're 60s-inspired pop that's just lovely.

This song is entrancing and great; but I really did go "what the CRAP" at 2:15-2:21. Really, what. the CRAP.

Hopefully I'll do an inspired outfit post about them later. I've been wanting to do so for awhile...

I've also been alternating Bird and Bee with some Edith Piaf, who's another huge favorite of mine (only a lot more classic). The movie about her life might have been a bit extensive, but it really did capture how difficult her life was. As they say, her beautiful voice holds all the tragedy she had endured. And dear God, did she endure.

This live show happened one year before she died at 48. The tragic thing about this video is not her voice, but the fact that she looked about 30 years older than she was.

OK, I really need to go tweak goldfish now (it's for a project, I swear), but I'll probably go sneak a watching of An Education instead. Wish me luck! ;)


Elaine said...

These were awesome!! Thanks for sharing these youtube vids! And you know Korean??? ;)

zoee said...

Thanks for the comment!
Congrats & greattt videos! :)

kavita@iheartvintagex said...

Congrats on the shoutout sweetie! :) xxx

Emily Kennedy said...

Good luck on your project. Lord knows I should be doing homework right now.

I totally see you as a 60's scion. That makes sense. I feel influenced by the 40's pretty much. Great shapes in women's clothing for my body type. Also, women were seen as strong at the time. Before the conservative 50's came along and messed everything up.

indigotangerine said...

I laughed at the We Are Not Worthy video. You definetly are worthy, silly goose! (ya, I did just use that line) I've never really listened to the Bird and the Bee before, but I don't know why not, they're great! love the 60's vibe. Myreaction to 2:15 was similar though along more profane lines.

Sonya said...

Love the videos. Great blog!

Meg said...

I love Wayne's World! And Alice Cooper!

Bug said...

Congrats on the mention - you totally deserve it. Love your reaction, too funny!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

that's awesome, congrats!
and an education=so so so good!