Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There's nothing else I can say (that doesn't involve Gaga)

This article perfectly sums up the phenomenon of Lady Gaga. For me, it started off with admitting that "Just Dance" was catchy, then genuinely liking "Poker Face" ... finally, the fandom craziness started with the "Bad Romance" video. From there, all hell broke loose.

Remember that Bad Romance homage SWAK I did yesterday? It actually got featured on the amazing Fuck Yeah Lady Gaga site after I submitted it in a "what the hell, why not" moment yesterday! It's amazing because that site has Gaga paraphernalia up to the knees, and isn't helping appease my current addicted state in the slightest. (coughcough, woops)

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What's Lovely for January 12, 2010
: Spotting someone whose style you love from head to toe. I think this is very odd, but while I'm oot and aboot and observing others, I'd occasionally see someone who catches my attention. Not just a cute pair of boots or particularly shiny hair, but it would be the whole look I love. And it inspires me, in a tiny, persistent way.

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My camera: the poor man's scanner.

I saw this young Asian woman while I was walking out from my morning class, and her presence struck me as demure yet mature (accidental rhyming?). She wasn't wearing anything that was especially noticeable, but her slender (but not gaunt) frame in simple, yet chic, clothing struck me as very confident in a quiet manner. I was inspired to pick up my long-since-used sketchbook and quickly scribble out this drawing. She probably doesn't look exactly like this in real life, but I drew her like I remembered in my mind's eye. (though I'm still annoyed at her right arm...dang)

Has anyone ever had a moment like this? Or am I just crazier than I already thought?

Speaking of crazy. I have to share my favorite Lady Gaga picture.

Our Lady Gaga thou art in disco ball crazy fashion arthouse heaven.

Gaga Countdown: 1 day till The Day.


M. said...

lovely sketch and blog!

lovelove, M.

fayeee said...

lady gaga is pretty strange but I guess that strageness just enthralls everyone!
Love these sketches, yur a great drawer.
Hpe you can have a look at my blog sometime :)

Emily Kennedy said...

If I could draw I would have totally done sketches of people I saw with cool style, especially when I was living in San Francisco. Actually, I bet I'll see some pretty awesome stuff even here in Kansas once the snow melts.

REread said...

great post ... Lady gaga is a very cool lady.

like the 'poor man's scanner' too

MichelleF said...

Lucky bitch, going to that concert...

I also love that picture. It's always fun to throw it at the haters who try to say she's part-man.

<3 Michelle

Wear Necessities said...

since i started blogging about fashion i catch myself staring at people and i am ultra-tuned in to their clothing, its kinda funny. i notice great style, as well as could-use-some-help style, so im right with ya! i love this pic of gaga!- Natalya of Wear Necessities

Bug said...

Love the sketches! I haven't listened to Gaga yet, might give it a try. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I adore yours :)


Bug said...

I'm following you now :)

Wendy said...

Gaga is crazy and I love her for it!

xoxoKrysten said...

I'll admit, her strangeness is what keeps me coming back for more. And her songs are catchy.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Just dance was huge and so catchy while I was in Greece. How can one resist Gaga?

indigotangerine said...

I love your illustration! Simply beautiful. I have a tendancy to fall in love with random strangers.

Charmalade said...

I really have to thank everyone for not tar and feathering me for all this Gaga talk. It'll cease someday. Maybe. D:

Gaga is EVERYWHERE?! *starts to randomly dance*

Meg said...

Lovely sketch.

bad Romance definately made me into a Gaga fangirl.

anna bu said...

like her weird outfits, but not her music.
great sketch!!