Monday, January 11, 2010

I am as vain as I allow

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The title of this post actually makes me cringe; modeling for your blog is more than slightly for your vanity. I have been, and still am, self conscious whenever I run back and forth setting the self-timer on the camera and posing to take an outfit picture. But I really have been inspired by all the other fashion blogs that I love, which is what got me jump started on this baby. And... I'm glad I did. Hell, it's even fun. Though I try to make this blog not just an outlet for my love for fashion. I also strive to be one out of the million voices out there proclaiming "unique" passion and silliness-- because we all need more of those. I'm just one drop, but it's my drop. :)

Also, the title is yet another homage to the Lady Gaga herself. I can't help it: Lady Gaga is performing here THIS WEEK and ... and... I'm just going nuts. I'm in that pre-Gaga stage, which will soon elevate to Gaga mode, then stay strong at post-Gaga level, then hopefully simmer to a perpetual Gaga state of mind.

Can you tell I'm a bit batshitcrazy? I'm sorry. I should go do a lotus position. Or breathe into a paper bag. Or go listen to "Bad Romance" for the millionth time. I feel like those who aren't as gaga over Gaga as I am (see what I did there) at least admit that the song is very. catchy.

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Yes, I'm ridiculous and silly and odd. But just you watch-- one day, one day... I will learn that dance (one part Thriller, one part Russian bathhouse mental institution),
:Walk walk fashion baby:
Blouse- mom's : Vest- garage sale : Belt- hand-me-down : Skinnies- Gap : Boots- TJMaxx

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What's Lovely for January 11, 2010: This bright yellow bag (ok I guess that's a bit redundant to say). During my first class today I was looking around the jam-packed, stifling room when I saw this bright halo of color. It was especially pretty because the girl wearing it was wearing neutral grays, making it pop. It was a nice distraction from my interesting sociology professor who talked about his love for lizards.

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He was sorta cool, actually.

I ... survived my first day of the new semester! Thank Gaga!


Wear Necessities said...

You look like you have a lot of fun with your blog which is awesome! I love your outfit, esp the red belt! Cute drawings too! - XOXO, Natalya of Wear Necessities

Emily Kennedy said...

Aw yay! You're taking a sociology class! What's your major?

Congratulations for surviving the first day! Mine is tomorrow.

Niki said...

I love the silliness, and you always look fabulous while you do it. This outfit is so crisp - flawless!


xo, Alexi said...

haha i LOVE the drawing! they're so cute! and i totally understand the hassel of having to take your own pictures. right now i'm home, and my sister can take my pictures for me, but back at school, i just look like a fool running between my camera and poses!

Meg said...

You look so cute dancing. And I love your belt!

Charmalade said...

Thanks everyone! I'm lucky to have that belt, I think I found it somewhere in my old house. :)

And Emily, I'm a Visual Communications major, but I have to take this Social Problems class as a college requirement. And good luck with your classes!

emma wallace said...

Your outfit is so crisp and chic! I love that pop of red.

And I totally would be gaga with you, were she in my town.

Emily said...

Great outfit, I love the pop of the red belt. The scarf is lovely too.

Oh and believe me, I know alllll about being gaga for Gaga. I didn't really care for her at first, or at least I didn't really give her a chance, but once I did I was hooked. Immediately. Lovely, lovely =)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love your belt and that sketched bag is too cute. I was driving a friend crazy by imitating the Gaga dance the other night. :)

MichelleF said...

Awww, does Professor Hillis have his arm in a sling!? D: Poor guy.


<3 Michelle

Charmalade said...

@ emma: thank you! Red is my favorite little accent of color. :)
@ Emily: Lovely Gaga indeed! I'm too crazy right now...
@ Rebecca: Hahaha that's so cute!
@ Michelle: Yes, poor Prof. Hillis does have a sling, but he doesn't let that break him down (haw haw) <3 <3

Aya Smith said...

You are absolutely gorgeous, and I love your hair! :D

♥ Aya