Thursday, January 14, 2010

I've been left Speechless

What's Lovely for January 13, 2010: Anticipation for something really great... something really huge... something Monster.

I apologize: not only am I sapped of energy, but it's been Gaga Central here for the past recent posts. I swear that I have other interests and concerns, really. Like... penguins. or Pokemon. or something.

Woah. I am tired.

I'm really nervous and excited for tomorrow, it's probably going to go so fast. But my unbridled giddiness is dampened by the tragedy in Haiti. Watch this video: it's hard to soak in the devastation when you're given numbers of death tolls, but seeing the damage and human suffering for yourself sucks your breath away.

How does one balance happiness with sadness?

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Jess said...

i LOVE gaga. she's totally grown on me - such a fab entertainer!