Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flurries and Frivolities

This post is especially tragic given how hyper I was yesterday! It's a little bit of a disappointment, really. But I'm determined to metaphorically hike up my sleeves and get to metaphorical work.

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The view from my bus stop. It was desolate, to say the least. A nice post-apocalyptic touch.

Today the Midwest saw a sudden KABOOM of snow... that was less of a kaboom, more of a quiet, guerilla-attack blizzard. It has been snowing nonstop all day, which looks very beautiful when one's inside (Michelle said how she's "in a snow globe," which describes it perfectly). Outside, however, is an entirely different matter. Outside involves heavy boots and shoveling. Enough. Said.

What's Lovely for January 7, 2010: Learning random, interesting facts about your friends. Today at work, I found out that my friend Lydia went to the same high school as the little guy who played Anakin Skywalker in the Phantom Menace. Yeah, that guy! Apparently he didn't take to all the attention too well, which I can see. It's hard to always be chipper if guys sing the Darth Vader theme song whenever you were around, right? (though I do like that song, I can't lie)

The rich, warm colors of this alcove bed just BECKONS to be hibernated in. There are other wonderful beds here, go looklooklook if you so please.

And now I just want to curl up into bed-- particularly THIS bed-- and dream about clothes and soft snow that doesn't stick and other magical things.

I love fun. (with a period) and this song has been stuck in my head lately. It's very calming, which is ironic, since roman candles are the opposite of that.

Hopefully a more inspired outfit post will appear in the near future, I can feel it!


Sarah In Wonderland said...

Ah my, I have just stumbled across your blog and it is just lovely! :) I adore the picture of that bed, it looks ever so decadent. Ah yes; I'm in the Midwest too but not anywhere so desolate as where you are looks! That must be ever so inspiring though! :P Or maybe on a practical sense, not.

And thank you so much for that song clip! I was looking for a new band to get into and that is pure love! <3

stay warm! :)


Sarah In Wonderland said...

Ahaha, I just realised you're in the Midwest of America, not England! *facepalm* I blame it on late caffeine-induced nights. xo

Charmalade said...

I have to give myself a *facepalm* too, because I had to look twice before realizing you're English. ><

But the fact that you mistook me for one and the other fact that you like my blog, is just lovely. :) Thank you!

M. said...

that bed <3

lovelove, M.

Moomby said...

i enjoyed this post! and that alcove bed looks so nice right about now!

Wear Necessities said...

that bed does look sooooo comfy, i would much rather be in it day dreaming than at my desk working right now! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

Sabine said...

It's looks pretty much the same where I am - And we are not even used to snow in the UK! Sabine x

iheartvintagex said...

Your blog is so cute! :) ♥ *clicks follow button*

Charmalade said...

Thanks iheartvintagex! I'll definitely check out your blog.

And thanks to everyone else! I really want to steal that bed and watch snowflakes fall from indoors, amirite?