Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Be a Singer, Be a Lover

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This is probably the caffeine high talking (eggnog latte, why have you tempted me and why haven't I resisted?), but I'm mad bouncy right now. Caffeine has a weird effect on me, making me both jittery and tired at the same time. Like... a drug addled bunny. If that makes... any ... again! let's say it's the caffeine, not me, talking.

What's Lovely for January 6, 2010
: This faux fur coat that I bought at a local thrift store called Amused. It's this shady little underground shop that's conveniently placed next to one of the stinkiest alleys, the kind where you have to hold your breath as you walk past. But as in all thrift stores, there are little vintage treasures you find once you get past the intentionally ugly sweaters and 80s dresses (unless you're into that). My friend Lizzie bought a tan faux fur coat and these large mod sunglasses that made me exclaim "You look like Gwyneth Paltrow from Royal Tenenbaums! You're just missing the wooden finger... go get one!" (unfortunately I have no pictures) As for indecisive me, I finally bought this beauty after many hums and haws and hmmmms.

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It's a very versatile coat: I can be a grande madame, or a vindictive dame with a non-threatening envelope opener in her coat. Or a swooner. There aren't many swooning ladies nowadays.

Blouse- TJMaxx : Scarf- Urban Outfitters : Jeans- Old Navy : Shoes- stolen from Mom : Coat- vintage

Oh Daniel Day-Lewis. You still got it after all these years. [Photo from here]

NINE! Oh Nine, I've been wanting to see this deliciously sultry movie ever since I heard about it awhile ago. I heard it got negative reviews, but it's... musical! cast! Daniel Day-Lewis! Sophia Loren! Marion-- ok, I'll stop. But with Nine and that coat on my mind, I immediately linked it to this coat Nicole Kidman wears in the movie (despite looking nothing alike). The price range must also be a considerable difference.

The unofficial song of Nine that was featured in the trailers; I've probably put it on repeat for at least 10x now while writing this post. I didn't recognize that it was Fergie's voice until the third time I heard it, and it's powerfully gritty and sexy at the same time, I love it so. I love the song, I love singing it, and I'd love to be Italian. How about you?


Wear Necessities said...

i love your scarf! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

Emily said...

Hahaha, oohhhhh the blog posts I've made after having wayyyy too much Starbucks. (Although I must say I prefer the gingerbread lattes!)

I love the coat, very versatile. It also looks rather luxurious for being faux fur =)

I love your blog, and will definitely be following. Check out mine!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I enjoyed the film "Nine." It went really the film seemed over in a flash.
Love your scarf and that coat looks so cozy. Great find!

indigotangerine said...

oh that coat looks so cozy. Like a giant plush animal. And how I want to see Nine! The cast looks incredible, and me+musicals=supreme happiness.

Charmalade said...

@ Natalya: thanks! I seem to be drawn towards leopard print...
@ Emily: All this love, it's too much. :) thank you! (and I did)
@ Rebecca: It's mighty cozy, much better than a Snuggie, haha.
@ Indigo: Now I'm going to think that I'm wearing a giant teddy bear. D: and musicals = supreme happiness