Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crushed velvet & snow

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I meant to put up this post yesterday, but I was so dang pooped (I have the colloquialism of a 12-year old) that I put it off. So on this lazy weekend, pretend that this post took place yesterday. Use that imagination, I believe in you! Tinkerbell needs your help!

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I went sledding for the first time this winter, and somehow managed not to break any bone in my body (which was quite miraculous). The last time I was at this same exact hill, I ended up being part of a collision course, disabling me to perform some tasks like... nodding vigorously.

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I can poetically try to describe the thrill of sledding down an already-slick hill; to simply put it, it was terrifyingly, screamingly amazing to speed down that hill, getting fasterfasterandfastereeeeeeeeeeee (more or less).

What's Lovely for January 8, 2010: Birthday red velvet cupcakes! My friend Vinnie had a little birthday party at his house that same day, and I stuffed myself entirely too much with delicious food. In consequence, I never got to finish the second cupcake, and I hate wasting food. :(

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I love the words crushed velvet. There's no real substantial reason why, but the sound of the words make it sound very romantic to me... like velvet crushed from the marble statue resting on top of it. Or something silly like that.

I especially love red velvet. It's such a luxurious material with a rich color that I can't resist! It got me perusing the internets for other examples of red velvet, in terms of clothing.

I can't help it, I love everything about this picture-- the colors, the woods, the magical faerie-ness of it all. [photo from Blooming Leopold]

A darker look at red velvet; this is a dark look at vintage in all the right ways. [photo from Black Luna Vintage]

Has anyone else taken advantage of the snowy weather, or have a love for red velvet like I do?

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