Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture and Awe

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Hi, everybody! (and this is where you go, "Hi, Dr. Nick!") I'm here, it's 2ish AM and the rapture hasn't arrived yet. I wasn't exactly sure whether it was a day-based thing or a time-based thing that would occur on the particular day... But either way, you need to cancel your dinner reservations. Because this is serious business.

Unfortunately, I don't have any particular profundity to spout or more jabs to poke. All I have are these quick photos that I managed to get while partaking in the lovingly warm outside world today before the weather goes badonk because of you-know-what.

And now it's 2:30ish AM. Nothing yet on my end of the world. Lemme know if something comes up on your end of the world. Whether your clocks start going backwards, or your dog starts acting weird, or your doorstep suddenly becomes inhabited by a certain Son of God who has a baseball mitt in hand... Either way, y'know.

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V-neck- Thailand  ::  Skinnies- Gap  ::  Shoes- Jessica Simpson  ::  Ribbon- who knows and what does it matter because THE RAPTURE IS UPON US
Oh yeah, and look, I got a new haircut yay hi everybody hi.
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WWJD? Probably say, "chillax everyone, chillax." 
My mom will probably kill me for saying that. Or not, since she isn't completely convinced that Jesus is going to make a comeback so soon. She also isn't insane.


Far Horizonz said...

its 6.47pm in new zealand and nothing has earthquakes etc..FAIL!

Rose said...

Nothing so far.....

All of this raises a salient point stuff like the rapture and the apocalypse and whatnot time zone sensitive?

And, since this shit is supposed to happen at *ahem* "supper time", according to the billboard outside my hometown...shouldn't we maybe define when supper time is, actually?

Because, I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS get supper and dinner mixed up. One is at 5 (I think...), and one is at 8 (right?), but which one is the true harbinger of doom?

Also, the security "word" for this comment was "plootin". Just, you know, FYI.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I'm still sitting here, though I just may not be part of the chosen (only 3% are, apparently). I'm happier being here anyways -- this world is a beautiful place, though imperfect.

And that outfit is adorable. I love the black and white with red shoes. Awesomeness.

Indy said...

Haha, this made me laugh hard! Nothing here, either...I wonder what they'll be thinking at 11:59pm...?

Dawn said...

I miss you terribly. I'm still not used to your haircut. I like it; I'm just not used to it. Also, I could copy your outfit here. Let's heels. CHECK. Black thing to make into a bow. CHECK. Pants? Yep, got those too. I can't stare off into the distance as well as you can, have much more practice than I. Also, the weather icon for the Rapture was hilarious.

Becky said...

Sweet black & white outfit. I love the pop of colour in the red shoes!

Katie said...

the closest thing to an apocalypse was myself and all of the surplussed educators in Memphis in one place trying to get a job at the surplus fair. Other then that I love that bag.

Dark Matter said...

Me gusta this outfit! Especially the shoes.

Janelle Haskin said...

You are too cute!


Cammila Albertson said...

I love everything about this look! The bow is a great touch, and I love it with the red shoes -- but I particularly love the SHAPE of the shoes! Just perfect. :)