Friday, May 27, 2011

Kings and Queens have to wait

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Dear Whomever It May Concern, 

Charlene hasn't been able to blog because her body has been barraged with various illnesses. It started off with body aches and a sore throat. I was like, OK, I can deal with this. I'm a doctor. Then she came in with a runny nose that wouldn't stop running. I tried using that "is your nose running?" joke on her, but I don't think she appreciated it. She tried to stab me with a thermometer; it didn't go well. 

Now she just won't stop coughing. It's really gross. I was all, "hey I get that you're in the doctor's office, but you don't have to cough all over the place. Show some respect, damn." 

Then she tried to stab me again, this time with a tongue depressor. Let's just say that I'm writing with my other hand now. 

Anyway, Charlene is recuperating nicely with the heavy dosage of drawing and 90s bubblegum pop I've prescribed her. So she'll be fine. And I've since taken away all sharp objects from her. 

Totally from her real doctor,  
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Dr. Pepper

Fun fact: I've been listening to a playlist called "FUCK YEAH 90s" nonstop now. It basically contains songs that may not necessarily be from the 90s, but are all from my childhood. Aw man.

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This is pretty much my drawing process; start on something, feel stuck, start doodling nonsense things in the sidelines.

But wait! There's more!

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On the left is a drawing of me my friend Grimsay did. To the right is my response, a portrait of Grimsay! 
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My friend Indigo as an odd Scott Pilgrim/Barbie hybrid doll. Sure, why  not?
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I think you'd get this if you've seen Inception. Which is just about everyone. I hope. I dream. WHAT ARE DREAMS
(This was based off of a vaguely sick-addled conversation between a friend and me. I hope you can guess which one is me. You can almost always assume I'm the shouty one.)


Mila said...

Oh cute blog.Loved your last outfit!

Indy said...

I hope you feel better! Your doodles made me giggle!

laura said...

Charlene, I hope you feel better soon. Your doctor sounds wonderful, especially because he does "blog calls" it seems. Gotta find a doctor just like that...

Uh... is that a mini Nightcrawler and Mystique confrontation scene you just doodled? Because I may have just gasmed, you nerd, you.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Your drawings are too awesome! I'm sorry to hear you're sick, my dear. Rest up and get better soon.

t said...

Cute drawings!