Monday, May 2, 2011

Directing Traffic

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Shirt- Mossino ::  Scarf- Urban Outfitters  ::  Shorts- Thailand  ::  Belt- secondhand  ::  Tights- We Love Colors  ::  Wedges- Bandolino via TJMaxx  ::  Coat- Gap  ::  Color blindness not included

Hear that? That was... not the sound of the death of Osama bin Laden, unlike what amazingly happened with this man who inadvertently tweeted the historic incident. 

No, that sound was actually supposed to be the sound of color slapping you in the face. It's almost laughable how drastically different this outfit is in comparison to the one featured before it. Well, not that laughable, but at least it'll coerce a little chortle, no? You know, even though this is a relatively well-lit-happy-sunshine-look-at-me-guyz post like any other, I'd feel out of place not talking about it. I find it odd that while social media has revolutionized how we receive our breaking news, there are different compartments as to how they're distributed. 

Where were you when you first heard that Osama bin Laden was dead?

I actually first heard about bin Laden being killed through a slew of Facebook statuses (first a trickle, then the whole dam). Next, I ventured over to my Tumblr account. And I could tell that sometime after the pretty pictures of a fashion model and an airplane, the dashboard exploded (too soon?) with reblogs and reblogs upon reblogs from the sincere (Anderson Cooper's tweet) to the glib (The Battle at Hogwarts, anyone?)

As for Blogger... it's relatively silent. Perhaps it's because most of the type of blogs I'm subscribed to are fashion/design-related, but it still seems like such a momentous occasion (regardless of your opinion, this isn't exactly a blip on the political, social, etc. radar) to ignore. In the end, I can't say that I have any credentials or insight whatsoever to fully delve into this as complexly as it requires. I can say that it's surreal for me to think back that ten years ago, I was a sixth grader who adamantly hated this man named Osama bin Laden because all fingers pointed at him. While he's in every way someone who was responsible for tragic deaths of innocents, I think this article effectively sums up how I feel. Even for something as seemingly simple as this, I can't see it in complete black and white.

But do you know what is black and white? My friends' faces.
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Since I didn't really know how they felt about being on my personal blog, I went ahead and disguised them. I think it's very effective and shows them for who they are.
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My friend has a beard, so I accommodated and accessorized him as such.

And then there's my friend Dawn, who I'm pretty sure is OK with having her face featured on my blog.

While we're on the topic of friends (who kick it in the front seat, kick it--OW, stop kicking me): it was my friend Michelle's birthday yesterday! Send happy belated wishes her way!

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Here she is being off guard.
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She complained about me "featuring her boobs" last time. So I kept it to the midriff. 
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Dawn is a graceful lady.

And now I must get back to the "real world" of "studying" and "unnecessary quotes."


tasty moog said...

love this outfit! so colorful!

i was half asleep on the couch when the newslady said obama was going to give a speech. then maybe 15 minutes later they announced OBL was killed. i fell asleep before obama came out and talked, though.

i haven't seen it mentioned on the blogs i follow, either. but i am a longtime reader of wonkette, so i get my snark-tinged political news that way. :)

Dark Matter said...

I am sad that I was not in this group, but pleased that I recognize most of these people even with their faces hidden.

pulchritude said...

i was also kind of startled by the lack of osama bin laden mentions. just because we blog about fashion doesn't mean we're excused from dealing with important issues in the real world. i posted a rather long rant/discussion:

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

GAHHHHHHHHHH YOU LOOK FABBBULOUS. Seriously. Those tights are burning through my eyeballs. AND I MEAN THAT IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE. I'm obsessed with coloured tights. This is obviously a win.

I heard about it via Facebook statuses. So we're the samesies. It's a little crazy that major news is reached to me from FACEBOOK. Ugh. But yeah. It has been on the lowdown for blogger. I've noticed that with many major events though - such as Haiti or Japan. I don't know. Interesting.

laura said...

Same here. I found out through FB, then twitter, then the news. But blog-wise, it's been relatively quiet. I kinda like it like that though.

Your outfit, on the other hand, is ballz amazing! I love all the colors going on here... and the lovely pattern on those shorts!

and ps. you are an amazing disguise artist. you should consider it as a profession.

Dawn said...

I was right the seat I am sitting in my computer. That was last night, however. is different. Today I am writing on your blog. I notice that you titled your post after something that a certain bearded-someone commented on. :) (Like that sentence wasn't in code or anything.) Thanks for picking up on my blog now too. I feel SPECIAL.

Also, yellow tights are cool. I don't think I could pull them off. I would love to try red ones, though. I think my favorite part of your outfit today, though, were your shorts. Preeeettty shorts.

I'm done now.

Kitsune-kun said...

ah! those short! so so cute!

Anonymous said...

OMG to both! Great news for color and great news for those of us who do not care for Bin Laden. (Was that spoken softly enough?) I am an American!

Dodo said...

I love it how your shoes blend with the tights!

And I also heard about Osama on Facebook first. After that I checked the news. I like it that the whole bloggers world is a bit quite about this news, feels fresh after the whole (social)media revolve around it.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Amazing. x hivenn

winnie said...

oh wow! those tights are amazing!!! i seriously love them, great outfit! and i'm pretty sure i was the last to realize bin laden was dead... i found out on conan.