Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Uphill Climb

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Pictures. Pictures, pictures. Clothes clothes. Picture. Poses. Clothes fashion style style clothes fashion clothes scarf. 

Just a straight-up outfit post, folks. If you can't tell, my lack of consciousness is preventing my vocabulary from candid conversation. All I can seem to do is spew out words that sum up this post. I could tell you how I got caught in the act of taking these photos, or how abnormally warm it has gotten here as of late. But no. Photo, photo, scarf scarf, kimono sleeves. You can also tell I'm sleepy from my sleepy eyes. Ah, never-ending battle, why do you never seem to end?

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Top&Pants- thrift store in Bronx  ::  Scarf- Limited  ::  Jacket- garage sale  ::  Flats- Thailand

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Amanda said...

i just stumbled upon your blog and i *love* your header, and i *love* your hair. *yay*.

hannah, heart city said...

cute look! i never know what to write on my blog anymore either. i feel either too exposed or like i have nothing to say. oh well, your cute photos make up for lack of words!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

I'm totally good with straight-up outfit posts. Especially if the outfit is amazing. Like yours! Aw yeah.

And I've found that I'm repeating what I've been saying a billion times on my blog. Ah, sigh.


Ali said...

Hay gurl, I'm digging this assymetrical (HAHA look how I spelled that.. I'm not going to change it). The pattern mixing is amazing, you're always so good at that! I so love your skinnies, too. <3

&& YES I so know what you mean to have awesome picture taking sessions. The lighting was just so.. so perfect. Not too contrasty, not too dark, just puuurfect.

&& I replied to the e-mail. I has been busy, for this I apologize! <3 I LOVE YOU. /is a creep