Monday, October 11, 2010

In Summer's Dying Light

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What's Lovely for (the big, the one and only) 10/10/10:  Celebrating this momentous occasion in a tiny way (in other words, I'm lame)
I'll ask you this-- "what were you doing and where were you when 10/10/10 at 10:10 am/pm happened?"


What's Lovely for October 11, 2010:  My priorities lie on the kitchen floor and talk about Prague in the spring and dysfunctional families for several hours

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Dress- Beacon's Closet @ Williamsburg  ::  Shoes- Gentle Souls from Kenneth Cole  ::  Necklace- spacepearl's etsy
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Collette Osuna said...

WOW...what a breathtaking place to take your little jumper:)

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Ali said...

IS THAT THE SNITCH ON A NECKLACE. I hope so. You rock. I am jealous of it. Yusssss~! :D And that dress it totally cute on you, so adorable! The place you took pictures looks very magical, too~ I would quite enjoy skipping with you there, miss awesomeface. <3

at 1010101010, I was.. I was.. taking a shower, I think. xD

Mel said...

OMGOSH CUTE CUTE CUTE DRESS! I ADORE YOUR DRESS :) And the scenery is lovely, I love how super fall-like it is there! Ugh why isn't it beautiful and scenic here? Hmm, at 10:10 yesterday...I was watching the news :P

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

that dress is gorgeous but i'm also swooning over the trees in these pictures! i've been meaning to get out and snap some pictures of the fall foliage and this is so inspiring!
gorgeous shots!

Polina said...

these pictures are great!
am - reading The Bell Jar, sitting in the backseat of the family car on our way to Niagara Falls for our mini vacation as today was Thanksgiving in Canada!
pm- walking with my father to Niagara falls to take a few night photos of it! :) et toi?

Kate Maggie said...

I cant get over how lovely this dress is..I love everything about it, and I especially am in looove with those shoes. Can I share your closet? :)

Kirstin said...

Oh, these pictures make me miss Fall so much! They are perfection, so whimsical and beautiful!
Thanks for your suggestions, they are awesome!

Samantha said...

This is a beautiful location for photos :)

minnja said...

Gorgeous of course! I love it :)))))


lauren carney said...

your blog is utterly splendid!
I just thought you need informing!
keehee x x

SMASH said...

so jealous of the real fall foliage! Over where I live "fall" just means brown trees and a heightened brush fire warning ;(


QueenDesi said...

i love the shape of this dress. looks so simple and really chic. you look so gorgeous in it :)

come and visit my blog, hope you can follow me..


in Love&Light

paigewinter said...

That necklace! So great! I was on the Quidditch team for my school, which was way too much fun, so I can definitely appreciate it. The dress fits you really well, and the leaves make me want to drink apple cider or go pumpkin picking... something like that. Thanks so much for the comment! I'm in the process of starting my blog so it was really encouraging :D


pixelhazard said...

What's lovely? you dress...spring time! The sun and being able to bare some leg

Bright Green Laces

Molly said...

that dress is phenom and I adore your setting! So Autumnal.

Also, I just saw your lil profile blurb, and I would just like to state that I am ALWAYS prepared to geek out over Harry Potter (or Lord of the Rings or Star Wars for that matter...nerd faaace)

thanks for your lovely comment!

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

I love these photos and your dress!!

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

Wow these are so lovely. You really captured the autumn colors! That dress is cute, Beacon's is one of my favorite places to shop in New York!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

You are so pretty! I love these photos! said...

Your face has so much beauty, and tells a story. You never look boring.. and I'm glad I found you !!

Cristiana.C said...

Great blog, I like it so much, and this look has a great style!If you Are obsessed with glamour we could be followers each other, what do you think? tell me something!