Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back and Weirder than Ever

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Three words:  I'm back, baby!

I want to thank those who asked me questions! Though it's still few in numbers, so I'll extend it to later this week. If you still want to ask me any question at all, comment at this here post. Please and thank you. :)

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Shirt- H&M  ::  Blazer- thrifted Ralph Lauren  ::  Slacks- secondhand  ::  Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

What's Lovely for October 19, 2010: 
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Hey look guys, I randomly found a pipe. Though smoking may not be as cool, pipes are definitely cool (as evidenced by this detective, this guy and this actress). 
This guy's doing it wrong.

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It looks like I'm despairing at the fact that the guy is doing the pipe wrong. I apparently can see fails in the future. I'm a soothsayer for fails, how cool is that?
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I dig this blazer tons-- I stole it from Mom's closet, making it all the sweeter. Not only was it perfect for this brisk-yet-not-quite-freezing fall weather, it has these fantastic buttons. Royal buttons, according to them. 
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To update everyone on what I was up to, it's very simple. I paid dearly for my procrastination and recently spent an all-nighter working on a design project that involved listening to, drawing and laying out the Beatles. I think I may have accidentally sold my soul to Paul McCartney, I'm not quite sure. I'm still in a zonked-out stupor. Good thing I caught up on my sleep; but I'm still tired? Tell me how that makes sense. Oh, and speaking of the ridiculous...

Graveyard of Stuff I'd Like to Buy Were My Wallet More Accommodated for the Exorbitant Price:
This Delia's shirt that's currently priced at $25-- what the Ringo?? This shirt joins the ranks of "those boots that run at +$200" and "that one really amazing faux fur vest for $40." This especially stings because a) I rarely buy t-shirts and b) Abbey Road is one of my favorite albums. I sarcastically doff my hat off to you, Delia's. Why so cruel?


Krissy ♥ said...

I concur: the buttons on that blazer are all sorts of fantastical! Thumbs up to your mom for having awesome stuff you can steal at your will. ;)

Ali said...

You soothsayer, you. My mom is over here laughing behind me because she thinks you're ultra witty. She's snorting now that its so funny. I'm a bit scared. ANYWAY. I CAN'T THINK MOM.

You look awesome. Likin' the buttons. Still need to reply to that email of yours. Did I already tell you my black skinny jeans don't fit because I ate too much cake? Yeah. D:

Polina said...

that is all

Collette Osuna said...

Too funny:)
What a fab classic menswear inspired outfit...love the blazer...you look great!!

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LeRae said...

You look fabulous in that blazer and shoes~ Love your hair cut :)

vanilla with sprinkles

LeRae said...

new follower!

vanilla with sprinkles

Greer said...

adore this blazer my dearie.xx

plentyforpennies said...

Loving this look!


Poppy said...

Bwahaha! XD Awesome Jeremy Clarkson pic. He is just textbook, I love him.
Also love your outfit and sweet find with your mum's blazer. It fits you perfectly!

Clara said...

lovely blog!
amazing look!

MichelleF said...

Usually I'm all, "Brown and black? BLECH." But you totally nailed the new trend of daring to wear them together. LOVE YOOOOOO.

avalonne lou summers said...

OMG I need a pipe for my Picasso post... The Boy with the Pipe painting :) Nice! When I think pipe, I think Inglourious Basterds! Oh to answer your question from last week, I got my floppy hat from Urban Outfitters on sale for $10. They have floppy hats at American Apparel but for $40 sadly. Eeeep. I hope you find one!

Wall of Fashion said...

Haha, pipes are cool! And so is Jeremy Clarckson! He's funny! :)
I like the header of your site by the way, it's really cool made!

xx Marije