Friday, July 23, 2010

Play all day in the country

This is the first song on the first mix CD Tangerine gave me. I love how someone set this song to HIMYM-- WIN.

What's Lovely for July 23, 2010: Planning an (almost) impromptu trip to see a friend in a city you've never been before

I'll be away for the weekend doing an activity that'll probably garner me more ungodly mosquito bites than necessary. I'm looking forward to it. :) Happy weekend, everyone!


Ali said...

New cities are scary. Good luck! That song is too great.

&& man! Really, I must have forgotten. I guess it didn't go through because it's in my sentbox. Lemme resend it, I sorry. D: !!

Lauren said...

Squee! Love himym!

anton belardo said...

really good song..
just wondering why your blog posts don't show up in my dashboard even though im following you
i missed a lot of new entries
anywhoos i really find your blog interesting and fun

and yeah aqua is sooo different from the bubble gum pop feel before

kisses A.

Indie.Tea said...

Well, it sounds like the mosquito bites will be worthwhile. Enjoy your weekend!

Brandi said...

What a fun song! Have an excellent weekend, my dear!

Josh said...

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