Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Merry Bastille Day!

What's Lovely for Monday, July 12, 2010: Asterix on a lazy day (perhaps a bit too lazy? oh dear)

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What's Lovely for Tuesday, July 13, 2010: Shaking hands with a Corgi-- it's always nice to do business with them

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What's Lovely for today, July 14, 2010: Happy Bastille Day!
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Dress- gift from Pink in Thailand :: Scarf- American Apparel :: Sandals- Nine West via TJMaxx

Today was Bastille Day! I decided to celebrate as the French do, though I'm not French in the slightest. Il etait une fois que j'ai appris ce langue, mais je suis assez stupide avec le francais maintenant. Sacre bleu. The way I celebrated was being a rebel and dressing barely nautical (no reason). That's why I broke all the rules and took my dog out on the town with Grimsay and we just hung out in the park for approximately five minutes because swarms of insects attacked our skins.

But before that, we (i.e., she, not me) went dumpster diving and got a loot of cardboard. Anybody want to guess for what? Come on, guess!

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Hint: something vaguely magical


Ali said...

Are you going to build a cardboard house or spaceship or CAR? 8D I like the corgi, my friend has one and it enjoys sitting on me.

I like your red scaaaaaaarf it's very red. D<

Lauren said...

Your puppy is sooooper cute!

I'm scheming on either getting a corgi or a basset hound. Both would be adorable, I think.

tess said...

love how you took these photos on a yellow plastic chair :)

Papillon Vintage said...

Love the outfit! The red sash is a perfect touch!

Jenni said...

Your outfit is super cute, although slightly upstaged by puppies... I hope you don't take that as an insult, puppies are just THAT AWESOME! :D

I googled "cardboard magical" and the first search result was about pogs, so I can only assume she's single-handedly staging a pog Renaissance.

Jeneva said...

Building a giant Hogwarts?

Mel said...

Oh a cardboard house or castle? That'd be cool! Cute dress, I love how you tied the scarf around your waist!

indigotangerine said...

Love that last pic!
Why do so many independance days (US, Canada, France, etc) all fall in july? Mayhaps people grow restless in July?
You look smokin' true fact.
As for what the cardboard is for I can only guess that it is a lifesize model of hogwarts which you will ship to Seattle for me to live in? Or a flying pirate ship a la peter pan.
those are the only two possible options.