Sunday, July 18, 2010

100 Acres of Art

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What's Lovely for Saturday, July 17, 2010: I'mma be at IMA

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Awp. Looks like the little brat who was creeped on earlier is now the creeper. Woah.
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Tank- thrifted from Goodwill :: Shorts- gift from Thailand :: Necklaces- Thailand & thrifted :: Brooch- gift from Rome :: Belt-
Goodwill'd :: Shoes- Jeffrey Campbells via Thailand

To clarify, I'm not going to the Indianapolis Museum of Art when I've already been there. But then, the pun wouldn't have worked. YouknowwhatImean. This past weekend the mother and I went to visit IMA and its surrounding gardens. And by that, I mean that I wanted to walk outside while she preferred the air conditioned museum. Usually I never pass up an opportunity to see an art museum with all its glorious art, but I was eager to see the new 100 Acres park that just opened up (is it lame that I also really wanted to go because John Green of Vlogbrothers featured it in one of his videos? perhaps). Even though I only saw a bit of it, it definitely didn't disappoint. I loved walking around all the nature paths-- once or twice I was all by myself, enabling me to sing "Colors of the Wind" in complete peace (no joke, I thought it appropriate for the setting).

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Can you believe that not one, but two people are living in this tiny igloo throughout the summer? I applaud them and hope they don't develop claustrophobia or agoraphobia.
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I definitely need to visit this place again. And you should too, know why? Because IMA, 100 Acres and everything else around it is free. FREE. How ridiculous is that? I'm almost suspicious of it all, just like how this strange concept of the "library" sounds too good to be true...

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I'm only showing this picture of a mannequin from the H&M I went to afterwards because I think I'd walk outside in an outfit like this. What do you think? Do you think that this is Charmalade-style?
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When we were leaving, there was this bizarre sight in the sky-- dark clouds with only a sliver of blue and white peeping through. Again, my camera can't do this spectacle full justice, but it's pretty damn close.

And so ended my day in Indy. Next up: Catching up on my What's Lovelies and finally answering Indigo's questions that she tagged me in awhile ago! Yikes.


Ali said...

I want to live in an igloo on water, that sounds intense. I applaud those people.

&& that's totally a charmalade-esque outfit. I'd wear that cardigan. ;D

I labs your shoooooes, my sweet! And yeah, you gotta watch out for those clay creepers. D; I get a lot of turtles and bunnies and naked angel babies that like to watch me, I'm so shy.

Oneechan said...

Aw, it's so beautiful <3
Why is H&M so much better in other countries? I can't find anything awesome in Norwegian H&M..

xx Sophie

Jeneva said...


I have also been drooling to visit this place, and, yes . . . because of John Green! If such a desire is lame, we can be lame together!
LOVE the pictures!!!

Emily said...

I love the henna with the pearls. Who'd ever have thought they went together? Nice!

Brandi said...

The mannequin outfit is so you. It's really cute. And the first few shots are beautiful!

The new blog design too is gorgeous. I like that it's funky but still a little quiet. Really awesome.

Jesa said...

God your beautiful! Love this look!!!

Cheers, Jesa :)

xshumzx said...

i love henna!