Monday, June 28, 2010

The Power of Lace

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I didn't end up going out today, so this outfit is sort of a "lie." But after oversleeping and spending most of the day glued to my computer (in my defense, I was greatly distracted by ridiculous pictures like this), I had to de-funk myself. And how do I do this? Why, shower and dress up for no reason at all, of course. I had a pseudo photo shoot and had fun with my makeup (don't let my eyebrows scare you). What do you do to get out of that mind-funk?

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What's Lovely for Saturday, June 26, 2010
: Vandalizing public property with... you guessed it, chalk. It's my weapon of choice, just like dancing is Christopher Walken's chosen weapon.

What's Lovely for Sunday, June 27, 2010: Irish shepherd's pie. What's a really Irish way of saying yum? O'yum? Yeah, that must be it.


What's Lovely for today, June 28, 2010: The power of lace.

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Recently I've been seeing a surge of white lace here and here, and I can say (without violating that pesky copyright) "I'm lovin' it." I don't really think of myself as a very trendy person, but when I spot a current trend that really catches my eye, I'm all for it. Clogs, not really. Lace, YES. That's why I bought this lace dress at the beginning of the summer-- if I had my way, I'd be wearing it to death. Today I wanted to go for a babydoll look that contrasted with the scary 'brows and mens-inspired oxfords. What other ways can I wear this dress? I'm eagerly open to suggestions.

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Dress- Ultra Pink via TJMaxx : Tank- Q & A : Oxfords- Jeffrey Campbell via Thailand

Next up: I'll answer 5 questions that Poppy tagged me in a gazillion years (more than a week) ago. And maybe if we're lucky-- an outfit? One can only hope.

PS: How awesome is this??? 95 followers?? Thank you so much, new and old lovely people. :) It's crazy how I just started this blog at the end of last year. I hope for a surprise once the blog hits 100, but I won't say what...


Ce qui m'inspire said...

I am loving lace too!! The first photo is fantastic! I'm thinking that a good way to switch up the look for next time would be to add a bold belt and bright footwear. Or if it's a little chilly, layering a jacket on top could also give you another look!

Ce qui m'inspire

Mel said...

Yay I adore lace! I haven't found that perfect lace dress yet so I'm still looking, but the one you have is so lovely! Those brown oxfords are also amazing!

Ali said...

I love your dress! It looks most fantastic on you, my fair lady. And hey, I do psuedo-photoshoots like every day hahaha.

Jeffry Campbell shoes! I want a pair of his shoes, like his wedge ankle bootie type one. D: ONE DAYYYYYY.

Castor Pollux said...

the lace dress looks great on you! cool pics you got there ;) the food makes me hungry...

Castor Pollux

tess said...

HAHAHAHA THAT PHOTO IS GREAT! I love Taylor Lautner, he makes those movies, but jeez is that a good comparison ;)

I love your oxfords

and shepherds pie is delish!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I'll follow you and help you get to 100!

I love the lace here and I'm seriously coveting your oxfords.

Bug said...

Yes, yes lace is a favorite of mine, but sadly I don't own any :( You look soooo pretty in your dress. To get out of a funk I get out of the house. A walk works wonders, meditation also helps. :)

indigotangerine said...


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Omg this is the prettiest white lace dress I have ever seen. You look so beautiful in it!! And pairing those fabulous shoes with it was genius. You never disappoint. :) I'm not surprised you have almost 100 followers by now. Your blog is fabulous, duh. Hehe. :P

Stacie said...

Hey!! I saw your link on Adored Austin's blog too!! Fellow Hoosiers!!

Thanks for the lovely comment, :) your blog is the! Where do you live in Indiana? I live in Franklin.

Mara said...

you can never have too much lace. i love the dress, very clean and crisp. oh and i really wish i owned a pair of oxfords like that!

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fionname said...

Derbies <<<3

yeah. Pretty Blog. :)

Fabiola "Fab" said...

pretty lacey dress and the yellow shoes are perfect!

Found your blog via Calivintage!