Monday, May 3, 2010

Distractions for you, you and YOU.

What's Lovely for May 3, 2010: Being distracted by Youtube clips while "studying" for finals. I thought I'd share the videos I've been distracted by with you, so YOU can enjoy the bliss of distraction as well. Enjoy!

Three words: Only in Japan.

Brett Ehrlich and VVFS, so awesome. This is also topical because I saw a bunch of people walking their dogs today. TEH CUTENESS OVERLOADZ.

This is the last clip Brett was talking about in the clip above. Oh, you didn't watch it? WATCH IT, PLEASE.
Three words: Death by puppies.

There are other gut-grabbingly hilarious clips from this series, such as how to defend yourself and how women should date. All satirical and TRUE, of course. x)

Speaking of finals... I'll be on hiatus for the next few days. AGH. THE END, IT IS SO NEAR. First finals, then a little break, then packing, then to Chicago, then... to Southeast Asia for a few weeks. I also have to thank everyone who wished me congratulations on the last post. It's so sweet, I smiled at each comment. :) See? Another smile!


Laura said...

Southeast Asia?! Wow, that will surely be amazing. Hiatus...oh poo we'll miss you!

Juliette said...

Geez, Charmalade, thanks a lot for distracting me! I'm supposed to be studying for my exams too :p

But I must admit, the Nike Power Rangers video was a well spent 3 minutes.

-Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

P.S. good luck!

Emily Kennedy said...

You are the bees knees. BEST of luck on your finals.

Dhu said...

Good luck with your finals! (I hope you got at least a bit of studying done.=P)
The puppy video is adorable. Imagine if you were that man, your entire head would be covered in spit. Geh.

Lucy Marmalade said...

NOOOO CHARMALADE NOOOO! No more distractions! I finish with finals on Friday...then I rest for the weekend and am off to work on another project for three weeks then one day then sleep-away camp counselor for a month! So much to do! What I mean to say instead of babbling about my personal life is, I understand what you mean about the doom and gloom of finals. See you when you return!! Stay alive!

Lucy Marmalade said...

P.S. Email sooooon, promise :)

Bijou and Ruby said...

your blog is stupendous check out mine if your in the mood...or not whatever works

candybox said...

Oh I always feel like I'm going on hiatus because I'm on the move! Great blog!


Hipstercrite said...

thank you thank you thank you for your amazing comment on my blog.

michelle_ said...

these are superb videos :) :)
hugs and kissess
glisters and blisters