Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can't keep draggin' that dead weight around

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Good news, everyone!

I finally latched onto a partner in crime, an accomplice, a conspirator colleague... a picture-taker. Honestly, in this sorta biz, the role really does play like an accomplice. And without her, I wouldn't have been able to have so many good pictures of me blending inconspicuously into the brick wall. Thanks, Pink!

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Here she is in her natural habitat. Oh wait; since we're both partners in crime, we should have proper disguises...
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THERE we go! Now no one will ever know us now that we're Stefan Albus Potter and Monocle McGee McGonagall.

"Pink, like the singer?" Yes, it's her real name. Well. Not technically. LONG STORY SHORT, people call her Pink, 'cause that's what they call her. Either way, I'm grateful for her help. :) I was self-conscious at first, since I was used to back-and-forth routine and posing for myself. But she made it easy and we ended up taking wayyyy more pictures than I had originally planned. Is this how it goes for you guys, the ones who are fortunate enough to have photogs? Do y'all take a good amount of time getting it just right, or just a few snapshots to go?

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FUN FACT: This is actually the outfit that I'd originally planned for yesterday. The shirt is a Goodwill find (what can I say, my mom is a finder-fiend), and I liked the comfy-casual-chic vibe. Since it's so neutral brown, I paired it with my pair of tights to give it some color (I also just like brown+blue). By a stroke of wonderful randomness, I got complimented on them by a complete stranger. And like the eloquent idiot that I am, all I could do was stare a little and laugh and say "thank you!" I thought it was only proper that I should pass it forward... so I complimented the girl making my sandwich wrap on her wicked cat eye makeup. Who says a little flattery won't get you anywhere? :)

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We may or may not have been "caught" by a passerby once. Uh, woops. It's for a ... project? Yeah, a project.
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Shirt/dress- Goodwill : Shirt underneath- United Colors of Benetton : Belt- Walmart : White tights- We Love Colors : Teal tights- Target : Booties- Rebels via TJMaxx

This truly has felt like one of the longest weeks of-- well, I wouldn't say my life, that's a bit drama-queen-over-the-top. But I would say that this was one of the longest weeks in this semester; at the end of the day, I feel like I'm dragging my dead weight of a body around. Which is why I'm so glad for this song.

Best Rube Goldberg, or best Rube Goldberg of all TIME? I especially lurve the rainbow flags at 1:55.

Not only is this music video pretty dang bitchtastic (yes, tastic of bitch), the song is actually a strangely calming medicine. It's a mantra to repeat over and over when I'm in moods like this: You know you can't keep lettin' it get you down you know you can't keep lettin'itgetyoudown...

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Looks like photo-me is checkin' out the video. I can't blame photo-me, photo-me's got good taste.

What's Lovely for March 4, 2010: GO GO RED POWER RANGER.

I thought it was a myth, but I finally saw him with my own eyes. There have been rumors of a Red Power Ranger on my campus. I mean, he even had his own Twitter and Facebook account, so that MUST make him real, right? It was pure chance that I found him-- I was walking to my friend's dorm when there he was... just standing watch at the fountain. Like it was totally normal. I mean, come on. Everyone knows that the villains hang out at the Union, not the fountain, gosh.

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I wonder if he's as bamf as these guys, though.


Juliette said...

Very amusing post! And that outfit is adorable, love the tights.



tess said...

love your tights! wow crazy cool color

Daisies of the Galaxy said...

Love. Those. Tights.

Very cute blog!!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love these photos. They are so adorable and fun. You're so lucky you have a cool photographer now too. :) One of the reasons I don't do many outfit posts is simply because I have no tripod or photographer. Sigh.

Your outfit is lovely as well. I especially love those tights.

PS. Thanks for being so sweet to me on my blog. It makes me happy. :)

Lemondrop Marie said...

Such gorgeous and action packed photos, that power ranger has nothing on you. Love the boots and tights!~
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Ce qui m'inspire said...

An accomplice?! Yay! Great photos. And wow at the power ranger.

Ce qui m'inspire

WILDasaMINK said...

You are too awesome for words--I love your style, nothing more to say! Seriously, pairing that goodwill shirt with those tights is pure genius in the most surprising way.
and yea for your picture accomplice--life is so much easier when you have someone taking pics for you--unless they're anything like my BF who sucks at it!
I really like the first picture of you in the shrubbery--just don't get poison ivy!

Samantha said...

I gave you a blog award btw - go on my journal to check it out :)
Great photographs too! Love the first photo.

Baby Says Boutique said...

loving those tights! xo

WendyB said...

OK Go are so clever!

indigotangerine said...

Digging the tights (what a shocker) So lucky that you got a photographer I think that would make life a hell of a lot easier. Though at the same time I get really awkward if I don't have complete control of the camera so maybe it's best that I'm left on my own...
Love the video too. Reminds me of some chain reaction lab I did in like 8th grade. The class sucked (the teacher, who taught SCIENCE, didn't believe in global warming, wtf, apparently its ALL A POLITICAL SCAM) and have thus blocked nearly all of it out of my memory except for that one experiment.

Audrey Allure said...

I loved that Ok Go music video :) Definitely bitchtastic haha.
Beautiful outfit shots & great tights!

Tiny Quirks said...

ooh, love your tights/pants? they're so different, in a good way!

SabinePsynopsis said...

So good to have help sometimes! The tights are fabulous!

John R. Tate said...

“Chew, check out this chickee-do.”

“Boss, looks like the girl you took to fine arts student movie finals many moons ago. Same kinda skitzy thing. School marm one day, wacko ward the next.”

“Come on, if I didn’t let you out all winter but for five minutes because it’s cold and shitty, you’d wack out, too.”

“I guess.”

Meg said...

A power ranger?!?! That's crazy. There used to be a guy at my university that my bf and I called 'the wizard' because he had a beard and wore a weird hat. It kind of reminds me of that (although I think he just liked facial hair and hats).

Its good you have a photo-taking helper. I've got my bf to help me a couple times but he always gets really frustrated because I'm not photogenic.

Draft of Vintage said...

Love those tights! I just did the layered tights look and I love the result! Great blog and great taste! I'm excited to follow!