Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Spot of Sunshine

What's Lovely for January 18, 2010: This music video.

Not only is it infectiously catchy and cute (and Sia, what a voice!), but it really makes me appreciate that my junior high school years are behind me. Oh God.

Oh, and my friend just showed this to me. It's apparently a legit course from her college. That they teach. To students.

My favorite part is that "
No previous experience in Chinese language is required."


Roxana said...

great, great video! you just made my day, so thank you for that!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

What a great video! I too am glad my high school years are behind me.

Nice blog m'dear.


Bug said...

Ha, loved this! High school was a drag for me, as it was for many.

Charmalade said...

@ Roxana: I'm so glad your day was made! That makes MY day.
@ Samantha: Danke, nice mustache. :)
@ Bug: Oh, cue the cliched "high school sucks" mantra, haha.