Sunday, January 17, 2010

Light & Dark

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What's Lovely for Saturday, January 16, 2010: Writing silly and random messages on brightly-colored Post-It notes and sticking them around town. And that's precisely what I did with my friend Joey when we were in want of things to do. Others do shots and keg parties on Saturday nights; we do amateur hoodlum deeds.

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Have you heard of pants? They're really awesome! Like the post-it says, you should try some today! Available at locations near you.

After looking like a couple of crazy people writing out masses of notes at our local coffeehouse, we looked even crazier when we tried to *surreptitiously* stick them around the popular hang-outs. Unfortunately, science worked against us: trying to stick post-its in cold weather is not that easy. Damn you, supposedly Super Sticky Post-Its!

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"Go Home & FLOSS!" : "Look up." -- "Have you laughed today?" : "Hug a stranger today! (then wash)"

We almost got caught putting up the "Go home and FLOSS!" note when Joey told me that the woman inside stood up and saw us (we think?)-- then we freakin' hightailed it out of there for a full block. We went back later to check up on it; she took it down. We're probably never allowed in that restaurant again.

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I wonder how successful our experiment went.

For today, Sunday...
What's Lovely for January 17, 2010: The Batman Animated Series and any of its successors up till Batman Beyond. Yes, I fully admit to geeking out hard over 90s-early 00s cartoon TV shows. You could say nostalgia had a little to do with it. But when I re-stumbled upon the old TV shows, I marveled not only at how much I remembered from my peewee days, but how purely awesome the multiple series were.

I can go on and on and on about why I think they really were groundbreaking and timeless and yaddayaddayadda. But I'll give some reasons, quiz-style.

a) it took itself seriously, nothing was too hokey or corny (though the Adam West version of Batman really does have its own ... special place in history), leading to some really dark stories

b) the animation and film noir 'Dark Deco' style that was successful the first time around only became better and slicker in the New Batman Series, then became this futuristic electronica-ness in Batman Beyond

c) it played like a mini-movie, complete with orchestral score and convoluted backstory

There are those three choices. Or there's answer (d): Batman is just the mofo superhero of the century.

OK so that was a lot of dreariness and darkness dumped on you. Here's a bit of surprisingly-light Batman loveliness that made me giggle.

Seriously though, what a voice.


Emily said...

What a lovely idea! I love it =)

Jess said...

aww LOVE the idea - reminds me of this drama i just watched :P (fated to love you)

Poppy said...

I saw your blog on Delightfuly Tacky and thought I'd mosey over. Nice to "meet" you!
This is actually on my 101 things in 1001 days list! I said i want to leave 10 anonymous messages for people, but I may do more than ten, now. You've inspired me! Haha! =]

MichelleF said...

I LOVE the "go home and FLOSS!" one!!!

<3 Michelle

Ganymede Girl said...

Ahh Batman the Animated Series was so awesome, makes me nostalgic too! I am so happy to have grown up in the 90's and seen the awesome cartoons at the time as opposed to growing up with the Disney generation today. I don't know if I just think everything was better then because I have a soft spot for my childhood memories, but all the same 90's cartoons are the best! I still remember the opening songs for all of my favorite shows hahaha.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

that is such a cute idea! stuff like that makes someone's day i think.

Charmalade said...

@ Emily, Jess, Michelle, wwanw: Well d'aww, thanks guys. <3 <3 It was just pure silliness, really.
@ Poppy: *holds out hand* Nice to "meet" you too! And that list sounds like a lovely idea!
@ Ganymede Girl: I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks so too! I'd take Batman over Hannah Montana any day-- he can take her in a fight. :)

Samantha said...

Ohh thats such a lovely idea!! I did something similar at my University - when I returned a library book I put a post-it in the front cover with some encouragement or just a positive, happy quote XD