Saturday, May 14, 2011

Alleyways and pay phone calls

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V-neck- Pitaya ::  Tee- H&M  ::  Shorts- from Pink!  ::  Shoes- Dolce Vita for Target  ::  Looking this baller- Your mum
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As mentioned in the last post, a certain alleyway was home to the photo shoot du jour during our adventure in Indy. And unfortunately that's pretty much all the coherent words I can conjure up to describe this post and my head has run out of ideas faster than RPatz climbs trees (the only reason I refer to that walking pop culture tidbit on this blog is because I just saw Water for Elephants which wasn't the worst movie but OK this sentence is already a paragraph I'll stop right). 

I feel like this whenever I'm given the occasional duty to create a short headline for a story running in the paper. I'm slightly flustered and don't say the right/write thing. Instead of writing a proper/boring headline like "Columnist urges students to study abroad," I'm always tempted to write "STUDYING ABROAD IS FUCKING AWESOME." Because that'll totally grab your attention, right? 

My copy editor friends are sticklers about that and don't find it as humorous as I do. You know who you are, in the comment section. I see you. 

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I spy with my little eye (besides darling shorts that Pink gave to me as per her usual "clothing purge" whilst packing)...
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... little Hotaru!
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And duh, I had to figuratively turn the camera on its head and feature my friend who was very nice enough to oblige me. Because I'm cuh-cuh-razy like that.

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Ain't she nice and lovely and stuff?
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And... this is what greeted us when we returned to our friends.

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How lovely to see their backs smiling warmly at us.


Dawn said...

I think you should have titled this post ALLEYWAYS ARE FUCKING AWESOME.

Dark Matter said...

I concur with Dawn.

Rose said...

Ooooooh, shorts! Snappy. I pondered and pondered those shoes....but eventually concluded that I am simply NOT a studded toe oxford girl. *sigh*

Am I the only person in the world who thinks Robert Pattinson is creepy and severely anemic and ought to think about cutting his fingernails more often? The Vanity Fair cover seriously made me hork in my mouth. Poor lil crocodile.

Re: your comment; Done and done, milady.

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Love the photos :D really liking your shoes too, they're lurvley!

Giedre said...

haha, I would LOVE to see that as the title for some prim 'n proper study abroad article! :D Also - I can totally relate to the writing way more words in a sentence than is proper and fair and I know people hate reading such long run-on's, but it's so much fun so I continue to do it. :P

Sarah said...

This is a darling outfit! I loev all them spring-y colors. Its so nice to be in shorts, eh?