Saturday, November 20, 2010

Accio Deathly Hallows (and the rest of my childhood)

"As thrilled as I am to be so uncomfortably close to you, you really need a manicure, Voldy." 

You've heard it on the news. You've listened to your friends talk on and on about it. You've seen all the statuses on Facebook. And you'll hear it here, your number one source for Harry Potter fandom mania from a dorky, loud and pop-centric Asian who likes to dress up every once in many while.* In this post, I show what I did that fateful night when I was lucky enough to score two midnight tickets at the last minute. I spent a lot of the pre-show like this:

alternative text

Yes. Be excited.

*I still have yet to find my niche.

It's so lame, but I seriously almost cried due to sheer epic adventure/emotional measure when I saw this trailer again. Though it does throw me off a lot to notice that at least half of this trailer is all stuff that's going to go down in the second half...  But if a more literal approach is more your fancy, then look below...
While the original trailer makes me weep shamelessly like Moaning Myrtle, I like to watch this on repeat because of sheer silliness and I have "bad guy at an uncomfortably close distance" stuck in my head. 

That's right. HARRY POTTER. If you didn't already notice my brief "About me" on the right hand side, I'm a huge fan. The timing was very good for me; I got my first taste of The Boy Who Lived back in 4th grade when I was 10 years old. Imagine my utter disappointment on my 11th birthday when no owl came swooshing in to drop a letter informing me that I was a Muggle-born witch who was honored to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The fact that I wasn't British might've affected that. On a tangential side-note, I wonder what school the American witches and wizards attended? Wasn't it mentioned in the third book that they went to Salem or something ironic like that? I'm open to all-nerd-out discussion in the comments or email.

Fun fact: I originally had another outfit post all lined up for brief talkin' and clothes showin', but then I thought... hey, it's way more topical to put out a Deathly Hallows post. Plus, I can show how totally cool and rad I am when I geek out hardcore. Fine, the last bit is more than a long shot, but lately I haven't been putting much effort into my blog in terms of variety. And dammit, I love Harry Potter.

alternative text
My friend Kira and I decided to dress up as Trelawney (me) and Rita Skeeter (her) 'cause "why not?" We got more than a mildly startled reaction from a couple of Starbucks employees when we made a caffeine pit stop on our way to the theater. Once there, I saw with a sinking heart that we were only one of the few who bothered to go all out in costumes. FAIL, THEATER-GOERS. 
alternative text
We spent the first twenty minutes or so chilling next to the bathroom, away from the ushers, so I could inconspicuously scarf down my haphazard dinner (note: the Arby's). Only the best for us. 
alternative text
alternative text
Dear Kira was responsible for this turban on my head. This was one out of a grand total of five scarves I draped around myself to be batshit crazy Professor Trelawney. 
alternative text
You knew she was Rita because of a) the bright green jacket b) the glasses and c) the fluffy pen and notepad that said "His eyes were gleaming with the ghosts of his past."
alternative text
Another fun fact: we originally wanted to get a picture with dead Cedric Diggory (with scars and blood and everything!), but we couldn't find him. When we finally did, a fairly frightening Death Eater was with him. 
"Can you take a picture with us? Oh, and your friend can be in it too, his outfit's awesome." I said, holding my camera up.
"Sure we will, Charlene," said the friendly Death Eater. 
Turns out that the creepy-ass guy was really my co-worker/friend in disguise. He happens to be one of the friendliest and silliest guys I know. Irony can be awesome. 
alternative text
alternative text
Seen any Wrackspurts lately, Luna?
alternative text
Kira, Stephen and I were super pumped that it was only about five minutes till showtime. Stephen was feeling a little bent out of shape, though. [insert corny laugh track here]

I definitely have to watch it again/discuss it avidly with my friends to properly assess this movie. But my initial response is that this movie really put me on the edge of my seat. There are always inherent flaws with every Harry Potter movie (uhm, randomly burning down the Weasley house, anyone?), but I really do think they get better and better each time. For what it's worth, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The action, the emotion, AGH. 

What about you? Tell me what you thought of it if you saw it and/or are a huge Harry Potter nerd like I am!


Krissy ♥ said...

Your costumes were awesome and very outside of the box. I approve! I hadn't seen that literal trailer before either - hilarious! Thanks for sharing it. :)

I wasn't planning on it, but last minute I decided to go to the midnight premier. I went by myself, so I felt a little vulnerable already, so no dressing up for me. If I'd gone with someone else, I would have busted out my Hogwarts robes and teased my hair like crazy. (I do a mean Hermione ;)

Polina said...

love the costumes and effort you put in! so nice :) I SAW IT TONIGHT MYSELF. IT WAS AMAZING LOVEDDD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loved this post, especially that literal trailer. so funny! :D

Ali said...

The movie was AWESOME indeed and I loved it. COSTUMES. EPIC. MAN. I was gonna dress up as Hagrid and I did until my mom said I might get arrested since I looked suspicious. Feh! What's suspicious about a creepy friendly old giant carrying an egg?

Samantha said...

Ahh cute :)
They didn't do a midnight opening here so I had to go at lunchtime on the friday!! Loved it though!