Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wrists of steel, Brain of slush

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Excuse the tired eyes and blush. It's the heroin chic look, only without the heroin... and chic. Also, thank God that damn evil bike is gone.

What's Lovely for March 10, 2010: LOW 70S FAHRENHEIT WEATHER WTFLOLBBQ??!

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Looking back at this picture, I feel awkward looking at how awkwardly I'm placing my hands. Awkward times awkward = awkweird

Blouse- secondhand : Pashmina- gift : Belt- secondhand : Skinnies- Macy's : Flats- Gap

This is a fairly simple outfit (remarkable only in that I threw it on after an all-nighter and it wasn't my pajamas), but I loved the feeling of my wide sleeves billowing in the wind as I walked on blue skies all day. Unfortunately, this is effervescent weather until the rain and cold come pouring down into a pitfall of despair and... and... I NEED SLEEP.

And here's a song that's posted just for the sake that it has been stuck in my head on and off for hours. It's definitely one of those songs that grew on me, further proving that Vampire Weekend is pretty rad (hipster cred,
guaranteed). The music video must have some of the most random cameos ever; who knew Lil' Jon knew French?

I think it's safe to say that I'm obsessed with Jake Gyllenhaal in this video. 2:23 is nothing short of epic.

I should really stop being so influenced by music videos, because now I have this strange desire to wear an all-red ensemble, complete with a pleated skirt. I don't even play tennis, bad Asian that I am.


tess said...

love the way you belted your scarf

jake makes that video haha

Lucy Marmalade said...

Yaaaay beautiful weather! Don't rag on your outfit; I love it! Simple outfits, when done right--well, you can't get any better than that! I feel you on the sleep deprivation. And the depressing rain. WHY, WHY, WHY?!

Elaine said...

That video was AWESOME. And yes... who isn't obsessed with Jake G??

I am loving the how you belted your scarf. And the items themselves!

Patricia Snook said...

Hello! I saw your comment on Jennifer Fabulous's post and loved it, perfectly said!

Anyway, awesome video, fab outfit, and generally an utterly stunning blog! I'm hitting the follow button! xoxo

Amy said...

What a pretty color scarf! I love how you belted it too- that has to be one of my favorite ways to wear my scarves now. Too cute!!


Anna said...

I'm disturbed by the fact that they used Joe Jonas. Of all people, sigh. The song is great nonetheless!

Tiny Quirks said...

two best things in the world. vampire weekend and jake gyllenhaal. period.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Love the belted scarf look! :)

indigotangerine said...

You are obsessed with Jake in that video? Well I'm obsessed with everything he does. all the time. Thank you for showing this. Must go fangirl.