Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's black, white and red all over?

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I spy with my little eye... Charmalade's stuff thrown aside in an untidy pile. Can you spot it?

Technically, there's some purple, brown, tan, and a little bit of blue involved, but other than that.... c'est moi!

This is the Modcloth dress that I was harping on and on about-- it was like a coming out party, only for the dress! This really is a longtime wish of mine come true (me and my silly wishes-- I also want to see the Colbert Report live at least once in my life). Just like a kid with a puppy, I've always wanted a Modcloth item to come home with me.

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Can y'all recognize this brick wall? I'm quite fond of this wall. We go way back. Like last semester.

I seized the opportunity to wear it on the warmest day of the week (almost 40 degrees, what the what?). I figured I should take advantage in this brief time before the snow and chill bite down again! rawr.

What I really love about this dress is that it's super comfortable while not sacrificing style. What more can one ask for? A perfect marriage of parts. I'm already scheming on how to remix this dress, one diabolically sneaky plan at a time.

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Dress- Modcloth : Under-tights- We Love Colors : Over-tights: Macy's? : Blouse- magic : Red scarf- American Apparel : Blue scarf- Target : Coat- Tommy Hilfiger : Booties- Rebels via TJMaxx

Speaking of sneaky, I tried to be ultra sneaky when it came to taking these pictures (hence why I look so stiff in some of them). I really love this little courtyard type of place in between two buildings on campus, where there are little trees and brick walls to satisfy any photo shoot's delight. The problem is... people tend to occasionally walk through this place to, y'know, get to class and stuff. Once I was in the process of taking off my coat when this guy la-dee-da walked right past me as I tried to oh-crap casually put my coat back on. This happened about several more times. Oh, the ridiculous things I go through for pictures... Has anyone else run into this problem, too? Or am I just a schmuck who needs a partner in crime?

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Another wonderful thing about the dress? It made me feel both elegant and hip. 'Sup Madame Dawg.

Which is why taking photos at work is comparatively safer. Though there's that high risk of colleagues who know me walking in, wondering why I'm posing like .... that *points up above*

Speaking of how pseudo-ninja I am...

What's Lovely for February 4, 2010: When really tall people talk to really short people. This just tickled me.

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I love how she had to crane her neck upward just in order to see his face. Frankly, I found it adorably funny.


MichelleF said...

THE DRESS! And I really like your pose in the last montage, in the bottom left. You knew I'd say I liked that one, though!

AND I LOVE YOUR "What's Lovely!"

Django et Coco said...

Stripes + red = perfection! Adorable outfit!

-Coco from Our Paper Moon

Emily Kennedy said...

The dress is waaaay cute! Love it on you! You are going to style it so many cool ways! Just think: with funky color tights! Or a big flower pin! Such fun!

I think tons of other bloggers encounter very similar problems regarding photobombers. You know: people bombing their photos by having the gall to walk right on through them. Like it's a walk way or something. He he.

Danielle Barbe said...

love the dress! you should send this post over to modcloth - they're featuring some bloggers!

i love the last photo.. so adorable. that always makes me giggle too. she's so tiny!!

The Petite Blog said...

Loving ur outfit!!! u rock the nautical trend!

xoxo jenna

Brandi said...

Absolutely love your outfit! It's so very cute.

Jess said...

That ModCloth dress is stunning!! Great pairing of it with the red :) and go watch The Colbert Report haha you won't be disappointed!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i LOVE this outfit. that dress is rad. you look terrific.

Diane said...

this outfit is so fabulous! :)

Tee said...

I love that pop of red you used! Isn't it great to find dresses that are so comfortable? I actually posted a little while ago extensively on the topic of comfort dressing- dressing up and down at the same time, if you're interested!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love the dress--the stripes are great.

Helen said...

i love this dress! red white and black are a perfect combo.

Fashion Therapist said...

I love the pop of color with the striped dress. Very cute!

WendyB said...

Adorable look. I'm impressed you have two pairs of tights going on!

stephanie renee said...

I love your brown boots!

Gloria fait son show said...

i just love your outfit!

The Goddess of Boho said...

I loooovveee this look! Just so fabulous :)