Monday, December 28, 2009

Love is all you need

First legit post, and of course, it's about the Beatles.

I don't think I need to write out a whole paragraph waxing poetic, but I'm a huge Beatles fan. Probably not one of the biggest, but I've been on one-two-many times on a Beatles (and subsequently, Across the Universe) kick before. Long story short, I think they're awesome and I find it hard pressed to find anyone who deliberately dislikes them.

So when I saw this clip from the Starbucks Love Project, it was just too perfect.

Can you imagine? Something universal as "All You Need is Love" can bring the whole world together in song. It's really cheesy to say, but when you think about it, isn't it amazing? I couldn't stop smiling when I saw this video, and almost damn near cried.

Speaking of the Beatles
, there really is a whole mythos surrounding them, especially John; he's become something of a legend. Which is both fascinating and preposterous, because he was really just a man with as many foibles as the next. There have been thousands of imitations of him and the Beatles, but I feel like there weren't many movies starring them (besides the ones that they themselves starred in) as a biopic.

That's why I was surprised and can't lie-- really intrigued-- when I saw this trailer.

The accent is there, but admittedly my mind is still a bit put off at how different John and Paul look from their real counterparts-- but who can be perfect? And sidenote: can you BELIEVE that Paul McCartney is being played by the same boy who was in Love Actually?? Another shocker, he's my age. Wow, I feel... old?

Paul himself isn't too happy with the film, but not because of his portrayal. I'm still very interested in seeing this film, though with my luck, I probably won't...

But! All I need is love. Yes, I went there, with the cheese, yeah.

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Natalie said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday! and happy new year :)